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Ezekiel 38 & 39

When Jew's rule the World!
expectantly) of many a saint hangs in the balances, subject in part to proper handling and interpretation (his life, habits, or,
manner of living are governed and shaped to a degree by his level of expectation, which could be considered a factor of his
understanding; if he even believes).     

The Divinely ordained Sooth-Sayer:  God’s Divine litmus test

“Should ever a prophet presume to speak in My Name, and the thing of which he speaks does not come to pass, that is the
thing which I did not speak, and that is a prophet I did not send” (Deu. 18:22).  Thus, may we not conclude that the first
litmus test of the word of any prophet, far more than its religiosity, is its historicity?  That is, anyone claiming to be a prophet,
speaking predictively on behalf of the God Almighty, will be speaking and delivering a message designed and calculated to
have basis in future historical fact (this applies whether or not the messenger and those hearing actually live to see the
fulfillment).  It must come to pass, if the prophet’s message is from God.  There is no other test.  So, how have the prophets

All of their words have endured well the test of time.  We have them on every hand, exactly as the prophets delivered them,
up to 2500 hundred years ago—at a time when all that they spoke seemed outlandish at best, downright preposterous at
worst!  In fact, the Almighty so tied His hands behind His back, as it were, set a standard so tight, that there was not the
slightest possibility any of His words would ever find basis in reality, seeing the light of day, prior to the year 1900 (all things
considered)!  Beginning actually in the Book of Genesis with God’s promises to Abraham, continuing here in the Book of
Deuteronomy, with the words “I will raise up a Prophet,…”, and throughout the Psalms and the prophetic books, it is a
matter of historical record, accounted of in the Greatest, most accurate of all historical records, that all the Messianic
prophecies came to pass, exactly as planned and scheduled.  Against all odds and the voices of many nay-sayers, doubters,
scoffers, critics and skeptics, all of its purely historical claims have been borne out by the physical science of modern
archaeology (or, all the work that has been done leaves little room for doubt in the case of those not yet proven), leaving the
egg-of-falsehood-and-libel on the faces of those who dared vent their disbelief in words of defamation against the God of the
prophets, and His word the Bible.  But, the Messianic prophecies and the historical statements represent only about two-thirds
of the story, at best.  That in them, God and His word have faired well so far is a clinically testable fact.  There are other
prophetic statements, scientific in nature, requiring and mandating sciences and industries, tied together at the hip, as it were—
by and built upon the platform of an intellectual discipline known now as quantum physics—which either had not been
conceived, or were simply non-quantifiable prior to the year 1900, or, thereabouts (that is, some of the ideology necessary to
the ushering in of the realization of these prophecies were known, but not understood, until well after WWII).  Given that
these scientific, predictive elements of the prophets’ messages were eschatological in nature, signaling the end of time and the
return of Israel’s Messiah, how well does His prophecies fair in light of the modern sciences (remembering that scoffers and
skeptics allege that the sciences have disproved the Bible)?  Was this aspect of His prophetic word ever doable in the first
place, or, were the prophets simply blowing smoke and hot air?  What are these scientific prophecies, which transpire before
and during the era of the Apocalypse?


By His life, by His example; by His word, teachings
and by His deeds, Jesus Christ the Nazarene placed
a premium upon the Bible’s prophetic word.  And,
rightly so, for—His manhood memory refreshed
and fully apprised of such by His Father—it was He
who sent the prophets, bearing messages He set in
order, when as Almighty God, He “hangout” in the
Heavenlies, by the side of Him who was to become
His Father, in a future (then) yet to be created
(huhn?!  Does that “freak” you out?!).  Any saint or
servant, professing himself to be a Christian and
follower of Christ, can ill afford to do less—for that
would be to make Him and His Father, liars.  Thus,
we understand, then, that the study of biblical
prophecy is for the Christian, not an option, to be
handled flippantly, or, dismissed lightly.  The
preparation and preparedness (with regard to frame
of mind; whether one waits and watches