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World Order
Phase I
The Judgment of
The New World Order!  It is a concept rarely
heard in the America media and public arena.  
Nevertheless, it is one very real, and very much
anticipated, behind the scenes—much more so in
foreign countries, it seems, than here in the U.S.  
On August 14, 2008, NPR Radio featured a news
clip from an interview it conducted with a woman
from the breakaway region of Ossetia.  The focus
of that interview was the Russian invasion of
Georgia—following Georgia’s attempt to rein in
the rebel state, which sought its independence
(allegedly instigated by the Russians.).  The
woman stated dogmatically something to the effect
that the Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili’s
attempt to maintain control of those states which
want to
separate from Georgia while allying itself with the West via NATO was all part of the “New World Order”.  Not long after that,
someone else in the news was careful to make mention of this coming, global state of affairs.  Former President George Bush,
Sr. was shown in online video footage speaking affectionately, in glowing terms about the “New World Order” (http://www.  Except from the lips of media ministers and Bible prophecy sensationalists, it remains
an idea heretofore generally unheard of in America, otherwise (See Side Bar note below, p. 29-34:  The New World Order).
Heretofore, Babylon the Great has received a fair amount of press in the revelation narrative.  Moreover, her eventual drubbing
and clubbing, on all fronts, holds an specially ‘dear’ place in the heart, in the mind and in the eschatological plans of God.     By
way of review, in chapter 17, the identity of the woman on the scarlet red beast and her two extreme polarities were
established.  Being bipolar, each of her split personalities was shown to be firmly, solidly rooted in Rome; the Eastern emperor
or the Byzantine emperor, enthroned in Constantinople, stood for several centuries longer than the Western Kingdom (he had no
meaningful impact on what occurred in the West).  On the one hand, in the first place, the bipolar woman was political.  She
represented ancient Rome as the capital of the Roman Empire, symbolized by the scarlet red beast on which she rode.  Her
commanding view from atop the seven heads of the beast, as opposed to its back, was emblematic of the totality of her
absolute authority.  The heads were the emperors, although they also represented hills or mountains upon which the woman
was physically located, which further helps to establish her identity.  

It should be noted that when this political persona of the woman fell in 476 AD, there was no international shedding of tears;
there were no expressions of grief.  No one missed her, as they were in the end, more benefited than they were hurt.  The then-
known-world was delighted when the woman’s political aspect was gone.  So it was for any such kingdom which had forced
itself upon another.

On the other hand, that woman in chapter 17 was to become, and she remains today—in her alter-ego—the “great hooker”,
highly religious Babylon the Great.  She represented initially a Rome in shambles, led by the popes at the head of the totally
apostate church at Rome (Paul’s church of the “Romans”, following the collapse of the Roman Empire).  Each aspect of the
woman’s persona was, in God’s economy, separate and distinct; they could never have co-existed, peacefully—the Caesars of
Rome would not have tolerated the competitive reach of the western popes.  When the Western arm of the Empire fell, the
eastern emperors at Constantinople were not able to subdue and maintain control over the ancient city.  Strangely, perhaps, it
might be argued that they could scarcely have succeeded without this great whore, and, her “Crusaders”.  Furthermore, it was
established that the demise of religious Babylon, Babylon the Great, which exists to this very day, at this very hour, will be at
the hands of the end-times beast, the eighth and final of only seven rulers, aided by his consortium of ten other nations, inspired
by God Almighty (This will occur early in his short, 3.5 year global reign.  It is more the destruction of a chiefly religious
institution, which doubles now as a globally recognized political entity.  Since their 1929 settlement to get the pope’s corrupting
influence out of Italian politics, Vatican City has been a nation—making the pope a political head of state as well.).   
Nevertheless, for all that has happened or that has been determined will happen around the theme of Babylon the Great, the
subject is far from done!
"beyond a shadow of a
doubt that Babylon the
Great is not Babylon, Iraq"
“Like squeezing a camel
through the eye of a
needle, so is the difficulty
in getting the wealthy, the
intellectual, into the
Kingdom of God”,
"  Former President
George Bush, Sr. was
shown in online video
footage speaking
affectionately, in glowing
terms about the “New
World Order” "
jubilation centers in
Heaven’s ecstasy and joy
over the desecrated sight
of Babylon the Great.