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Death of the
World’s Richest
The Judgment of
“I will be merciful, to whom I will be merciful…”
(God).   “In My Father’s House, there are many
dwelling places” (John 14).  Oddly, the language
of this segment of the Revelation suggests strongly
that there will be practically none preserved among
the inhabitants of Babylon the Great (some, yes!   
For those who obey the call to “distance, and, to
distinguish themselves” from her and her brand of
Christianity, but, not many.).  She is discarded, like
a dirty, filthy, nasty white rag; a worthless, useless
thing of no further value.  She is proof positive
that not everyone who calls Jesus “Lord”, will be
saved (Matt. 7).  Contrary to popular evangelical or
fundamentalist thought, there is no dwelling place for her ‘religious’ remnants, in the Father’s House!   “Like squeezing a
camel through the eye of a needle, so is the difficulty in getting the wealthy, the intellectual, into the Kingdom of God”, Jesus
said.   Solomon was the legitimate son born to King David and Bathsheba, in an otherwise illegitimate, blood-soaked marriage,
rooted in the shame, the sham and the sin of adultery (the illegitimate son was received into glory by God, at his birth—i.e., per
the will of God, he died while still a newborn).  The well-favored son of the King-after-God’s-own-heart, God’s love for this
legitimate son of the illegitimate union was supreme.  God showered this love freely and royally, giving the New King, not only
his humble request for wisdom so that he might rule over the people of God wisely, but, God gave him great wealth as well.  In
spite of its otherwise happy outlook, however, there is, and was from the start, a dark-side to this saga of Solomon.    Not
surprisingly of course, God ultimately knew Solomon, better than Solomon knew himself.  The problem for Solomon lay not at
all in that, God, knowing the downside, failed to inform Solomon.  Rather, this incident served to dramatize and play up the
fact that this, the wisest man who ever lived, was yet utterly unperceptive and lacking in understanding.  With the perceptivity
and immense wisdom God imparted to him, Solomon appears to have sought diligently and found out profound statements of
information on every subject under the sun.  The one thing he did not know, however, was himself.   Speaking of the building
of the Temple proposed and provided for by King David, Solomon, like his father, never got the point.  The temple of their
(short-term, understandably short-sighted) dreams, of which they spoke, and for which they prepared (materially), placed in
juxtaposition to the One God had in mind (the One at the center of the long-term promise made to David) were two entirely
different entities.  With regard to the Ultimate of the two Temples, Solomon was told in no uncertain terms that he was not
going to participate; he was rejected, even while he was yet the most favored and most blessed of all of Judah’s kings.  He
lived large; high on the hog, all per the Hand of the Lord his God.  Nonetheless, all the while this giant among kings, with all
of his wealth and material possessions, was being blown off by His God as a looser.  Intellectually, he soared on eagle’s wings.  
He towered over all the kings of the earth.  Yet, the message was, he would have no part in the coming of Israel’s Messiah.  It
was a very subtle forecast that over shadowed the even more grim fact that this one, most highly esteemed of Almighty God,
would in the end be lost forever.  Among the most successful men of any generation, Solomon is therefore the world’s biggest
looser.  The closest he will ever get to walking on streets of gold is the Great White Throne, before which he will stand, at the
last judgment.  Thus, God’s communication to him might be termed, in essence, a sublime implementation of the height of
reverse psychology.  God chose to lavish love and affection upon one he knew would, not only ultimately fail miserably, but, do
so without ever looking or turning back.    Similarly, in a manner mindful of the plight of King Solomon, Babylon the Great
has been served notice of her status in God’s eyes—she is rejected.  Although without controversy, she is the brainchild of
Almighty God (He takes full responsibility for her being), all her wealth, all of her good deeds, her appearance and the image
she portrays upon the global stage will avail her nothing in terms of deliverance, in light of the awesomely awful plan of God
for her.  Stuffed to the brim with wealth, overflowing with prosperity untold, strutting in the stupidity of her arrogance, even as
she revels in grand illusions of superiority, she is to Him like a fatted calf, built and set up only to be struck through, knocked
down in eternal humiliation, and damnation.  In keeping with the “Divine formula” to “…extend mercy…” where He sees fit
while, by implication, withholding it as He chooses, all mercy is to, and, will be withheld from this version of Babylon the
"beyond a shadow of a
doubt that Babylon the
Great is not Babylon, Iraq"
“Like squeezing a camel
through the eye of a
needle, so is the difficulty
in getting the wealthy, the
intellectual, into the
Kingdom of God”,
"  Former President
George Bush, Sr. was
shown in online video
footage speaking
affectionately, in glowing
terms about the “New
World Order” "
jubilation centers in
Heaven’s ecstasy and joy
over the desecrated sight
of Babylon the Great.