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The Judgment of
Fate:  Kill The Mocking Bird!

When God created a situation that was something
out of the ordinary involving a bigoted, stubborn
messenger and rebel prophet named Jonah by
means of which to get the attention of the pagan,
God-less Assyrians, there was not only the longing
and desire within His heart that they should repent
and be delivered from certain destruction He would
instigate, there was also equally the settled
assurance and certain expectation that they would
turn, so as to respond favorably, if duly warned
and given ample opportunity.  In His grace and
mercy, God knew that—like His people rescued
from the idolatry of Egypt—they, in their pagan
culture, had never been confronted before with the
reality of the True and Living God.  They were,
therefore, in His
eyes, deserving of as much of a chance.  Unlike as was the case there, however, there is no such expectation, no such longing,
no such determination in either the language, the message, or its tone for Babylon the Great.  Her chance has expired.  God’s
patience does have an end.  There is only the warning issued with the saints, Christians and Jews, in mind.  “Come out,
distinguish yourselves, or (by implication) suffer her fate!”  The same antipathy (hostility, dislike) was expressed by God for
her sister in apostasy, in chap. 17.   

(:6, 7) God is very much determined to see to it that this Babylon the Great is be duly rewarded for all that she has done.  “Tit
for tat”; “an eye for an eye”; the implication here is that, via her mock relationship with the Almighty, she has effectively and in
fact waged a campaign of mistreatment and/or misinformation against the saints, as well as against the nations of the earth.  As
she has done to them, so she should and will be repaid.  Just as she has feasted sumptuously, pampering herself in a spirit of
conceit, living high on the hog—thinking herself to be one high and lofty, above reproach, having many friends, secure,
serene—so likewise now she should, as well she will, be served the brine of everlasting sorrow, pounded deep into wounds that
preface her eternal devastation.  

(:8) The downfall of Babylon is assured, certain to the point of being sorely longed for by none other than the Almighty
Himself.  Whereas He has issued clear warning and a summons to His saints to “come out of her”, there is no call to Babylon
the Great to repent.  Upon arrival of the moment of truth, He will not prolong the time.  She will be plagued, knocked off her
pedestal of influence, plunged from the heights of her fame and fortune to the depths of despair and poverty, in one day—
hounded every step of the way down by death, mourning and the pangs of a hunger she has yet to know (the collapse in the US
of some of the wealthiest institutions on earth, including the world’s largest employer, serves as a constant reminder of just
how real this possibility is, initiated, though it will be, by a military firestorm.).  As now she parades hypocritically before the
world, self-righteous in her own eyes, God issues no plea for her to either turn, or to return to any supposed Christian roots.  
Thus He, having no other plan, will expend no effort to redeem her.  Her own power will not be sufficient to save her.  Her fall
will be as if she were stood up to be knocked down (a kind of “shock and awe”; this will strike terror and fear in the hearts of
all who will have looked up to her; softening otherwise hard impenetrable minds, thereby creating a ripe base, for a full harvest
of souls the stubborn, lethargic, useless churches in her midst cannot now reach).  To top off her demise, she will be burned
with fire, “...for strong is the Lord who will bring it to pass”.  In today’s language, this burning with fire could easily, and
should, be dismissed only as destruction by thermo-nuclear conflagration.  Clearly, even the most powerful nations on the
planet in our times can be destroyed well within the one hour set aside for the cataclysmic ruin of Babylon the Great.
"beyond a shadow of a
doubt that Babylon the
Great is not Babylon, Iraq"
“Like squeezing a camel
through the eye of a
needle, so is the difficulty
in getting the wealthy, the
intellectual, into the
Kingdom of God”,
"  Former President
George Bush, Sr. was
shown in online video
footage speaking
affectionately, in glowing
terms about the “New
World Order” "
jubilation centers in
Heaven’s ecstasy and joy
over the desecrated sight
of Babylon the Great.
5. Fate:  God
Commissions the Death
of the Greatest Nation of
All Time
6.  Economic Melt-Down
7. Conclusion
Side Bars
Great Babylon
"...a renewal of that anti-
God vision, as some are
even now proposing,
could see Babylon
brought back to life as a
major tourist destination—
on a par with the
Egyptian Pyramids;
replete with all sorts of
money-making amenities.  
Some think that should all
of this transpire, Iraq
stands a good chance to
become the richest
country on the planet..."