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The Judgment of
Suitors and Paramours:  Global, Economic

(:9, 10) The time of Babylon’s trouble will be a time
of great duress and distress for multitudes, around
the world.  Heads of state in numerous countries,
all having followed her lead, will lament because to
a large degree, the economic stability of their
respective countries depends upon the stability and
prosperity of a city (“country”?) that now no
longer exists.  Unlike as was the case in the New
Orleans/Gulf Coast area, following the wrath of
Katrina, no one will be in any position to help.  
Although none believed in the Bible or its
prophecies, all saw clearly the biblical
ramifications:  That is, many foreign countries
offered assistance, to get that region back on track
because they realized that in a measure, their own
wellbeing today more than ever,
depends on the financial health of this one country.  Everyone today realizes that now like never before one colossal financial
center holds all the cards to their future, whereby it, inadvertently perhaps, as it teeter totters on the brink of disaster, threatens
the economic stability of the entire world.  And, for this we say, “thank you, egotistical, doubting, scoffing man; for, once
more you have led the pack of those who unwittingly have helped to establish and verify the credibility and viability of the word
of the Living God” (See Side Bar below, p. 29-34:  The Hand Writing on the Wall)!   

Like humpty dumpty, her fall will be complete, being God-ordained—accomplished, from start to finish, in only one hour.  
Having witnessed the awesomeness, the fearsomeness, and the thoroughness of her destruction from afar, none will envision
the possibility of any kind of a resurrection for her.  None will come near, or to her aid.   

(:11-19) Importers and exporters to and from her bosom, ocean-going or maritime transportation experts—exchanging every
kind of merchandise, including “…the bodies and souls of men…”—all who became fabulously rich and wealthy through free
trade with her, will join the chorus of their respective heads of state in dreadful lamentation (since this is an ‘end-times’
economic and political power, ‘souls of mean’ is meant to reflect God’s concern not only for the selling of people as slaves,
but, the killing of the millions upon millions of unborn babies as well, annually, all killed for both pleasure and for profit; more
than 50 million unborn US babies are said to have been slaughtered since the passage of Roe v. Wade, in 1973).  They will weep
and they will wail; they will cry out, howling in fear and anguish of both mind and soul, “alas, alas, that, so great and so
powerful a city should be destroyed in only one hour.  What else is there like her (or, who can replace her worth?  What shall
we do now?)”?  At her downfall, Babylon the Great will have been a force in global trade and world politics that knew no
equal.  “…for no man buys their goods and services anymore…”.  The sudden, completely devastating collapse will leave a
huge void, a vacuum and a footprint that cannot be filled.  No other nation or people will have her purchasing power.  Efforts
on the part of the European Union, notwithstanding, no group of nations or people groups will be able to match her industry and
resolve before her downfall (See the Side Bar below, p. 29-34:  The EU—No Match for the USA!).

As a rapacious consumer, Babylon will be known for her voracious appetite, and for her gluttony; for the fact that she
consumes most of what the producers and merchants of the earth produce—40% of everything.  Without her, they have no
place to deposit or dump their wares.  They will realize too late that (as if they do not already—the fact is, many do!), Babylon’
s sudden demise (that is, the disappear of 5% of 7 billion people from the world’s market place!), spells their doom.  No one
will have ever known, nor will they have just cause for anticipation of the coming of another like her.  No kingdom, no empire,
whether the ancient Romans (the beast with seven heads), the most recent in the Ottoman Turks, the United Kingdom, the
“Napoleanic” attempt, or, the would-have-been Third Reich, none could or will ever be more sorely missed than the hypocritical
Babylon the Great.  Brute force and coercion was the common thread at the core of all their several foreign policy strategies,
while the sword governed international commerce and trade relations—always, to their exclusive advantage.   To signal their
grief and despair, these will all throw dust upon their heads, crying, weeping and wailing, “alas, alas (or ‘woe, woe’;
exclamations of grief or affliction, deep anguish of soul) that great city (nation?), on account of which so many were made
wealthy!  For in one hour she has been irreparably trashed and reduced to rubble”.  To date there has been no foot that can
better fill the shoes of Babylon the Great than the most prominent nation in the world today.  Given its long standing and general
disenchantment with the idea of capitalism to begin with, no one is ever likely to want to see another, in light of the cost when
things finally go wrong (no one ever thought that such an experiment as this would work, much less last for nearly 400 years).  
"beyond a shadow of a
doubt that Babylon the
Great is not Babylon, Iraq"
“Like squeezing a camel
through the eye of a
needle, so is the difficulty
in getting the wealthy, the
intellectual, into the
Kingdom of God”,
"  Former President
George Bush, Sr. was
shown in online video
footage speaking
affectionately, in glowing
terms about the “New
World Order” "
jubilation centers in
Heaven’s ecstasy and joy
over the desecrated sight
of Babylon the Great.
5. Fate:  God
Commissions the Death
of the Greatest Nation of
All Time
6.  Economic Melt-Down
7. Conclusion
Side Bars
Great Babylon
"...a renewal of that anti-
God vision, as some are
even now proposing,
could see Babylon
brought back to life as a
major tourist destination—
on a par with the
Egyptian Pyramids;
replete with all sorts of
money-making amenities.  
Some think that should all
of this transpire, Iraq
stands a good chance to
become the richest
country on the planet..."