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The Judgment of

In light of the foregoing themes, which define
Babylon the Great, one must bear in mind that
Rome dominated those under its sway, often with
heavy hand.  Trade was not free; taxes were steep;
relationships were mired in the muck of
subservience, backed by the sword; all of this was
therefore obligatory, per terms and conditions
established and instituted by Rome.  Of those
forced to bow to her will, the Goths and the
Saxons figured prominently.  None, regardless of
nationality, would have cared, much less shed a
tear, at her collapse and funeral.  While, as has been
shown, Rome is indeed the headquarters of the
Great Whore, who is indeed Babylon the Great in
the Mind and plans of God (on the one hand), she
does not to any degree fit
the profile set forth here in chap. 18   As for the prospect that actual Babylon in Iraq might be rebuilt and brought to some
future level of prominence to match that specified in this Book, that is highly, highly unlikely—if for no other reason than the
Hand and plans of the Almighty God who initiated and who supervised her downfall under the bows, the blows and the swords
of the Medes and the Persians (see the side bar “Babylon the Great”, in discussion for verse 3)!  Whatever Iraq’s potential, she
lacks the essentials (shall we say) including the freedoms, among many other things perhaps, that allow for this type of globally
recognizable aspect, reach and/or this kind of a relatively peaceful co-existence with other nations.    Even if Iran takes over, as
it most likely will at some point (most probably just before, or quite possibly following the fall of this Babylon the Great), so
lofty a goal is at best hopelessly unattainable.  God will make certain of that.  Thus, with so much on the table that accurately
makes this and every other Bible prophecy an absolute reality, today, time and circumstance all come together, working hand-in-
hand to preclude any such prospect (that Babylon will be rebuilt) (See Side Bar above:  Shi’ite Islamic Rule).   
So then, Rome/Vatican City and Babylon, Iraq having been weeded out, who is this Babylon the Great?  Who can she be if not
the United States of America?  Given that there are, for sure, metaphorically, two Babylons (16:19; 17:1-7, 9, 16, 18), might
there not also be a third—one known only to the Mind of Almighty God; one that did not and could never have existed prior to
our day?  One that, given the circumstances, we need not look for, beyond this date?   By way of rehash, a number of things
about this particular Babylon (18:1-19), stand out and are therefore worthy of repetition:

•        1) this city and her people are an entirely “end-times” entity; that is, she does not exist until the last days, or, our time,
•        2) given that this is an end-times institution, having no discernible, physical or historical ties to the distant past, it is highly
unlikely as but that this “city” is to be interpreted metaphorically as a modern nation.  There is no one city anywhere, past or
present, which could ever meet the qualifications listed here; a nation, only one, can (No other kingdom, nation or, city-state in
the history of mankind has ever fit the mold propounded by John the Revelator here in this 18th chapter.  The ancients knew of
nothing like her!),  
•        3) in terms of profile, nothing in the text surrounding this Babylon suggests any definite association with the Great
Whore, represented by the woman having multiple, split personalities, where she is distinctly religious on the one hand (Babylon
the Great written on her forehead), and yet uniquely political on the other (That Great City), per chapters 17 and 16:19; thus,
Babylon here (chp. 18) is not a primarily religious institution—as is the Vatican—nor does modern day Rome have the standing
on the world stage, in the eyes of the world, that she does; there is nothing here in this profile of Babylon the Great to link her
to the Great Whore of chap. 17
•        4) she will go down (indirectly per the will of God) at a time when global economies are still relatively strong (insofar as,
close association with her is beneficial and profitable), which means that her devastation will not be connected to the that of the
Apocalyptic period (she will be betrayed by the political factions of her partners in trade); her’s will be the first major
devastating blow to the global economy (the second and third will come with WWIII and with the ensuing “Acts of God”,
•        5) her utterly disastrous demise and ruin will spell the beginning of the end for all others, ushering in the Russian led
invasion of Palestine and the next global stab at a Holocaust that backfires, leading to the rise of the Jews, followed by the
Apocalypse itself (which contributes even more strongly to the notion that the fall of this Babylon will have to occur before, not
during the tribulation period); contrast this to the two apocalyptic Babylons, one of which will be destroyed by an “act of God”
during the bowl judgments (the city of Rome; 16:9); the other the Great Whore (Vatican City; 17:16-17) destroyed completely
by the beast and the 10 nations (per the will of God, goaded into that action by His hand), before the bowl judgments, ending a
relatively protracted period of economic upheaval—created, instigated and left for them by God, as if to taunt them; they will
exist harmoniously, and they (the beast and these nations) will preside jointly for only a short time, within the confines of
probably not more than a few months to one year,
•        6) her destruction will have catastrophic financial consequences all over the world, on all her allies and partners in trade,
(this would suggest that while the “effects” in the seal judgments might have many man-made causes, the root cause may
ultimately be traceable and  attributable primarily to the void left by this Babylon (a most choice and tender line of reasoning,
when one considers that even in these relatively good hard times, the nations, jointly or individually, can only barely keep their
heads above water); that is, the Russo/Arab invasion, and the wars under the seals all commence by virtue of longstanding
hostilities, as well as a mad-dash “power grab” to secure control of the middle east, by wresting control of the Holy Land from
the Jew—as he is expelled while they seek to exterminate him); by contrast, both Rome and Vatican City (the woman
religiously) will be left standing until the virtual bitter end before being destroyed, and, yet their presences, individually or
corporately, will have no significant impact on the global economy throughout the Apocalypse (the global economies will long
have been in shambles, with no relief, and, no potential for relief, by either of them, when each is finally destroyed; politically, it
is without doubt, safe to say that the pope and his Vatican will play a major role in events that ultimately lead to the coming of
the beast.).
•        7) with the world economy irreversibly upturned, since the seal and trumpet judgments, no one—from WWIII (Rev. 6)
to the end at the Battle of Armageddon—not even the rich, will be able to afford her products and services, etc. (all of the
judgments will be tailored in part to create a globe-spanning economic and political quagmire); there will be little time, occasion,
or demand for the pleasures and frivolous pursuits she makes possible, by her presence, once the Apocalyptic narrative shifts
into full swing; furthermore, by the time of 16:19 (the destruction of Italy and  Rome, or political Babylon), there will be no
nation (or, ‘city’) that can live up to and fit the particulars that pertain to her (Babylon the Great, the religious aspect of the
woman on the beast with ten heads—the Vatican, seat of the Roman Catholic church—will have been destroyed by her political
alter ego, earlier in the reign of the beast, by a coalition of the anti-Christ and his ten nation confederacy).  
•        8) Babylon the Great will have been a major player in the international trafficking of drugs, or, narcotics (See Side Bar
above:  Uncle Sam’s Poppy Farms)   
Since no economy will ever fully recover, if any recovers at all, from the seal and trumpet judgments, neither Rome nor the
Vatican City will ever be able to undo what God has done (for the benefit of surviving men and women up to this point, and
hence, with a view to saving souls, that seems to be the point of this “mess” that God plans to and will have implemented).  
What this means then, is that the beast will inherit and he will preside over a global empire in shambles, in every way imaginable,
but particularly politically and economically—like his predecessors, he’ll never be able to pull it back together.  He will not be
given time to build or rebuild much of anything of any real significance, much less rebuild Babylon of Iraq so as to bring it to
that level of fruition and prominence depicted here in Rev. 18.  With only 3.5 years left to the end of the world, he simply will
not have the time.   It might be said of the language employed by God in His description and analysis of Great Babylon, that it is
both toxic and vitriolic, venomous even, as this is a people whom He has known from their beginning; a people who has never
met with His favor, although it was expected that they should have or, might have had some form of relationship with Him.  Of
this we may rest fully assured:  as was true of Pharaoh and later of the (real!) Babylonians, as was, or will be true of Gog and
Magog (the Russians), and of the other two Babylons (Rome and Vatican City), so, in similar fashion it is true here that this is a
people for whom the Almighty can think no good thought.  He harbors no emotion for them greater than a deep-seated loathing
of their very being.  The message in His tone, and the sudden, catastrophic toppling of this great “city” is, “I am sick of looking
at you.  The sooner I can clear the deck of you, the merrier”.  Thus for them—having been weighed in the balances and found
to be perpetually wanting—the handwriting is on the walls.  Nonetheless, for all this, no doubt the question persists in the minds
of some:  who precisely are these people?   Interestingly, there is no expectation, not even a whimper of a demand for increased
evangelistic activity on the part of the saints known to be among the Babylonians, not one expression of concern that some
among the unsaved might be brought to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus, by her effort (contrast this to the work of the
144,000, and their angelic assist, each of whom will preach and issue stern warnings all over the planet to a world of
unbelievers, who live for a short while under the exclusive dominion of the spirit of anti-Christ, at their appointed time during
the Apocalyptic Period).  There is no interest on high in seeing them ‘bring the nation back to any supposed Christian roots, or
heritage’ (though it appears she will be recognized for having been highly religious, practicing her façade under a ‘Christian’
banner, in the name of God Almighty).  The only concern is that the true saints should be wary, and diligent to distinguish
themselves according to the Word of God (so that she knows and is fully aware of their commitment), as opposed to her
philosophy, her ideology, or, her religious bent, for fear they too will be caught up in her judgment and punishment.  That
judgment will fall upon her, and her every adherent, unabated and without mercy.    So again, in closing, in light of every
particular laid out thus far then, who among the cities/nations in these end-times days best fills the bill ascribed to Babylon the
Great, than does the United States of America?  The answer of course is, no one!
America is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, by name.  But, she is most definitely alluded to in terms most graphic based
upon the quality of her international social, political, economic ties and on her spiritual climate, as she is known and valued in
the eyes of God—blessed beyond measure, yet, the object of His sore disdain.  The reason?  “Unto whom much is given, much
is expected…”.  Like Nimrod, being a rebel at heart, she has known God from the beginning, but, like the churches of Ephesus,
Sardis, and Laodicea, she has served Him only on her terms.  The image of Him, conveyed around the world by her churches,
has been and is both defamatory and blasphemous.  Given the glare of her opulence, in light of her standing in international
circles, the world cannot hear God’s voice over hers—expressed in sectarian/denominational doctrines, systematic theological
studies, and so-called, “world-views”.  Thus, the ROI on His investment has always been—and, will remain until she is gone—

For a fuller, more thorough consideration of this and related issues—including how so great, so powerful and so dispersed a
people can be completely destroyed in only one hour—please consider carefully America in Bible Prophecy:  Babylon the Great
and America in Bible Prophecy:  The Achilles Heel, each by this author!   
"beyond a shadow of a
doubt that Babylon the
Great is not Babylon, Iraq"
“Like squeezing a camel
through the eye of a
needle, so is the difficulty
in getting the wealthy, the
intellectual, into the
Kingdom of God”,
"  Former President
George Bush, Sr. was
shown in online video
footage speaking
affectionately, in glowing
terms about the “New
World Order” "
jubilation centers in
Heaven’s ecstasy and joy
over the desecrated sight
of Babylon the Great.
5. Fate:  God
Commissions the Death
of the Greatest Nation of
All Time
6.  Economic Melt-Down
7. Conclusion
Side Bars
Great Babylon
"...a renewal of that anti-
God vision, as some are
even now proposing,
could see Babylon
brought back to life as a
major tourist destination—
on a par with the
Egyptian Pyramids;
replete with all sorts of
money-making amenities.  
Some think that should all
of this transpire, Iraq
stands a good chance to
become the richest
country on the planet..."