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The Judgment of

Every waking moment,
300 million citizens of privilege face unknowingly
the grime prospect of an arrogant homeland
Who, at the height of her folly,
in nonchalant frolic,
is subject to an everlasting oblivion,
through a virtually instant vaporization.

She is as much known for her power, as for her
prosperity; for her prestige, as for her privilege.  
There is none like her now.  There has been none
like her in -the past.  There will never be another
like her in the future.  From her conception in
antiquity, she was as real as life itself, known and
confined to the mind of her Creator.  Since her
revelation, in the
the Unveiling, she has been to men, a mere specter of her current reality…for two virtual millennia.    Relished from afar with
only the most grievous loathing, her being is confined to these last-days.  Across the annals of time, throughout all the history
of mankind, only two entities gracing the minds of modern men can claim her profile—one on paper, the other in flesh.  The
amount of attention and detail given to her much-desired downfall far surpasses that of any other single theme in the
Apocalypse, written by John.  That makes her the leadoff witness in this Revelation of God’s determination for the close of the
“latter-days”.  For almost 2000 years, she has been catalogued under the pseudonym “Babylon the Great”.  Who is she, in today’
s terms?  

She is envied and hated by most, loved by some, needed by all.  Any of her citizens making two thousand US dollars in one
month, make more than 75% of the world’s 7 billion souls will earn in one year!  This makes Babylon the Great unmatched in
every way among global entities, in these end-times.  Nonetheless, examined from a Higher Point of view, rated on a higher
scale, none is more insufferable than she.

She is cosmopolitan, a free trader; greatest military power of all time.  No nation has ever been more blessed in virtually every
sense of the word than Babylon the Great—not even the Apple of God’s Eye.  Yet, from above, as she is scrutinized daily,
sifted and weighed in the balances moment by moment (having defied even God and His will, in favor of her will!), one sole
determination for this end-times giant and envy of the other nations, has been hand-written upon the walls of her waning hours:  
for impact, for a dramatic and dynamic show of force—as she struts, as she rattles her saber, as she flexes power-packed
muscle of a military might most uncanny, and, as she gloats in “Goliath” overtones before the world around the globe, wielding
teeth in testament to that strength—by Divine decree, she must and she will be obliterated in under one hour.          

The industrialized world will not be able to continue as is without her.  Her impact and influence upon the nations of the earth
will have been unparalleled.  Her loss and downfall will spell financial ruin and economic chaos the world over.  To date, one
and only one foot fits her profile.  By God’s design, none can ever fill the void she will leave.

This book, America In Bible Prophecy:  Revelation 18 discusses thoroughly the 18th chapter of the Book of the Revelation.  The
section Babylon The Great discusses and establishes the “who” behind the mask of Babylon the Great.  In addition to showing
as well that the profiles of chapter 17 and chapter 18 point to two entirely different entities, whatever the similarities in names,
Babylon The Great discusses at some length, relevant history, current events as well as widely held scripture textural
perversions by the white American protestant churches’ evangelicals and fundamentalists that all coalesce so as to prove
beyond a shadow of a doubt that Babylon the Great is not Babylon, Iraq—as rather, it is these United States of America.  The
Achilles Heel recognizes that in order to affect so horrendous a collapse, some of the most advanced and technologically
superior early warning systems on earth must be compromised.  Trojan Horse/Fifth Column illustrates how 9/11 demonstrated
in broad daylight just how such a breech could and doubtless will be carried out, imperiling the lives of over three hundred
million unsuspecting souls.  Notwithstanding her placement in the apocalyptic narrative, her fall is mandated, so as to open the
gateway to the Apocalypse, foreseen by John, feared now by leaders around the world.  

With the U. S. occupation and engagement in Afghanistan drawing to a close (as of 09/04/2013), and with the administration of
current President Obama fishing for excuses to stay in the Middle East, based upon Syrian dictator Bashare al-Assad’s alleged
gassing of his civilian population, America’s God-ordained doom could be much nearer than we might ever wish to imagine.  
The tension in that region raises the specter of that impending doom that much higher, thanks to Assad’s counter-threat to
Israel, and, by the Russia/China threat to intervene on behalf of Assad, should the U. S. go ahead with plans to fire missiles into
Syria.  But for God’s determination, no one wants nor can any side afford a protracted war with the U. S.  The chief
beneficiary—quite in keeping with her motto, “war is good for the economy”—would be the Melting Pot.  Thus (realizing that
she wants war, and, she needs war, like a green-eyed monster who thirsts for blood!), should a shoot-out start, once it starts,
whatever is to be done to her, by her enemies, must be done quickly.  Babylon the Great (the United States of America) must be
dispatched in short order; and that, posthaste!  

This being the case, before either the events spelled out in the Revelation or those of the visions of the prophet Ezekiel can
transpire, Babylon the Great must and will fall, well within the space of 60 minutes.
"beyond a shadow of a
doubt that Babylon the
Great is not Babylon, Iraq"
“Like squeezing a camel
through the eye of a
needle, so is the difficulty
in getting the wealthy, the
intellectual, into the
Kingdom of God”,
"  Former President
George Bush, Sr. was
shown in online video
footage speaking
affectionately, in glowing
terms about the “New
World Order” "
jubilation centers in
Heaven’s ecstasy and joy
over the desecrated sight
of Babylon the Great.