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The Great White Throne
Rev. 20-22
duration of the Millennium.  In this capacity, he will not be able to influence the nations any more, at all, to any degree, until the
one thousand years are ended.  Also, in this capacity, the rebel nature of men over which the Christ and His saints will rule with
“…rods of iron…” (19:15), cannot be blamed on him (no one will be able to say “the devil made me do it!”).  There will be no
residual effects of his influence to contend with, as the incarceration will affect a sealed environment, creating a barrier of
isolation, which will completely insulate man from the devil’s reach and leading (this means that his demonic forces will also be
shut down).  Thus, the active Millennium rebellion will be purely man-centered—that is, it will be powered and sustained for
one thousand years solely by the stubborn, unrepentant, unyielding spirit of man’s unaided will.

The Millennium

Why a thousand years?  

But, one may well be wondering, why the Millennium?  What is the purpose?  What is the point?  Why must the devil be
imprisoned for that long, and why must the Christ rule the world for precisely that amount of time?  Both rebel man and rebel
demon having been vanquished and subdued, why not just throw them all into hellfire and brimstone, and move from here on
into a period of white clouds, harps and eternal bliss, leaving bygones, to be bygones?

Whatever the reasons and motivations behind God’s decision regarding the Millennium, all are ultimately rooted firmly in eternity
past, embedded within the confines of a plan, conceived, layout and finalized long before there was anything (except God
Almighty, in three Persons), before there were angels, before there was an earth or a man to fall upon it.  Without detail, or a lot
of fanfare, that plan (or, some key segment thereof) is briefly alluded to by Paul the apostle in his epistle to the Ephesians
church, chapter 3, verses 1-11:  “…you have heard about the stewardship of the grace of God entrusted to my responsibility
regarding you:  thus, you know that it was by revelation that He made known to me the Mystery (I told you in writing about
that briefly before, so when you read that and this, you will understand the extent and depth of my knowledge concerning The
Mystery of Christ); which (the Mystery) in ages past was kept hidden from the eyes and hearts of men, only to be revealed
now to his holy apostles and prophets, by the Spirit; (part of that Mystery was such) that the Gentiles should be made partakers
(with the Jews) of the same body, and of the promise in Christ according to the gospel…of which I was made a minister…and
given a mandate to speak among the Gentiles, declaring the unfathomable riches of Christ; so that all will see what is the
fellowship of the mystery that has been kept secret in the heart and mind of God since the beginning of the world, who created
everything that is by Jesus Christ:  the purpose being such that now the principalities and powers in heavenly places should
know by the church the manifold wisdom of God, in accord with the eternal purpose which was planned in Christ Jesus our
Lord (before the world was made)…”  Thus, we conclude that the Millennial Kingdom and Reign is a continuation of that plan,
which was formalized and finalized with a view to making a certain (heretofore unknown) point to these heavenly creatures and
personalities known as principalities and powers.    
The Millennial Kingdom
God Almighty, The Son

At this juncture, another successful mission will have
been accomplished; the fighting will have ceased, the
birds (vultures and scavengerous birds of prey) will have
had their fill of whatever flesh will be left following the
Lord’s Day of slaughter.  

Satan’s incarceration

(:1-3) To inaugurate the Millennial Reign, John watches
as an angel descends from Heaven carrying a great chain
and having in his hand the key to the abyss (the
bottomless pit, from which the creatures called locusts,
and the ‘beast’ will have ascended earlier in the
Apocalypse).  This angel proceeded to lay hold of the
dragon (Rev. 12:3, 4, 7-9), also known variously as the
serpent of old, the devil and as Satan, binding him with
the chain in his hand.  He will then take Satan, and throw
him bound into the abyss, where he will remain for the