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We are not alone!
We are being watched!
We are subject to imminent, hostile visitation!

Looking for God!

How will the return of Jesus Christ differ
from the perception and preconceived
notions of men of the sciences and of the U.
S. Military?
Listening for Hoof Beats from Heaven

Almighty God would have all men know that He is a
firm believer in “Extra-Terrestrial” Beings!

As if Christianity has not already been dealt enough black
eyes by charlatan preachers, as of 10/21/11, rogue
preacher Harold Camping has gone and done it again—
for a grand total of two times in one year!  Mr. Camping
and company aside, however, mankind can be assured
that, per the word of God, he has, no less, little cause for
any sign of relief in view of the misfortunes of this
misguided man and his untoward predictions.  
The apocalypse, on account of which they will now increase their scoffing, will indeed come—just not with the fanfare
prophesied by the likes on Family Radio and its hypocritical founder.  When men are at rest, saying to themselves “peace and
safety”, during a time of relative tranquility, when they least expect, God says, then will they be hit with the calamity they
otherwise expect and yet now ridicule.  Even men of the sciences and the military anticipate nothing less than an “alien” led,
catastrophic event, of “biblical” proportions, rooted in outer space—in the “near” future.

“E. T.” Presence:  Substantiation!

While multitudes of ‘Christians’ in the American black and white churches weary themselves, trying to distance themselves
from the God of the Bible, in favor of a “god” of their imaginations (“
GOD” the way the want to see Him, and, the only way
the will receive Him), the unlikeliest of men and women in the unlikeliest of places are suffering a change of heart.  These are
now drawing conclusions and bracing for possibilities none among the “intelligencia” of any community would ever have
thought plausible, 50 to 100 years ago.  Beyond science fiction, no educated person, outside of a few thinking, professing
Christians, would have stooped to voice a belief in some of the things many now wholeheartedly embrace, and, affirm.  Thanks
to much increased knowledge and myriads of advances in the sciences, which has bred technological innovation throughout all
phases of industry, which in turn feeds the world of astrophysics, there is now no want for amazing parallels to otherwise,
heretofore, totally untenable prophetic pipe-dreams and fairy tales known as Bible prophecies.  For this reason, with or without
the parallels, Bible scoffers and critics among mankind now suspect, quite strongly, what Christians have known all along:  We
are not alone, either in this world, or, in our universe.  God has been telling them as much for the past thousands of years—
through His creation, in general, since the creation itself, 6000 years ago, and through the flood stories that are common to
many cultures around the world, for over 4000 years!  The fossil records of death in the forms of frozen creatures throughout
Siberian Russia and Alaska (captured alive and preserved in time the way they were at the precise moment of death!) along with
all of the various forms of fossil fuels and the fossilized bones in massive grave-yards scattered around the globe, attest quite
favorably to fact of the Flood, the reality of God, and the trustworthiness of His word, the Bible.  The Hubble STS, having now
transformed “stars” into galaxies, has in addition confirmed many times over the truth of the Psalmists and others:  “The
heavens declare the reality of God”, i.e., through its manifest intelligence of design, the existence and presence of an all-
powerful E. T.  Planck logic coupled with Einstein math wizardry affirms that, most assuredly, that E. T., God, is a

Genesis 1:1-2:25  “In the beginning, God created (out of nothing) the heaven and the earth…the universe that surrounds the
earth, along with all living things so that they only reproduce themselves…including mankind…and God saw that everything He
had done was good, very good, in every sense of the word…And, on the seventh day, God terminated all of His creative
endeavors…whereupon, He rested…”

Psalm 19:1-3  “The heavens present an engineering wonderland in celestial portraits, graphic demonstrations of knowledge
and Intelligence of Design, by means of which men are given a positive declaration as to the reality of the Almighty God (El=
‘Ale’), in a language accessible to all nationalities”.

Psalm 139:12-16  “The darkness can hide nothing from YOU…YOU saw me clearly, in my mom’s womb!  I stand in awe (am
awestruck!) and distinguished; your works are marvelous…my substance was not hid from YOU…YOU saw my unformed mass;
all of my members, formed in time from the point where there was none of them, were written in Your Book.”

Romans 1:20 “For, the things that you cannot see, relative to His person, character and creativity or creative genius, are yet
clearly visible, being made manifest by the things all around us—i.e., the physical universe, or, those things that we can see,
handle, and, analyze.”

Heb.s 11:3  “Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things we see, were not
made of things that we do see.”

Genesis 6:13, 17  “The end of all flesh is before Me…I will destroy them with the earth…behold, I, even I do bring a flood of
waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, in which there is the breath of life…so that, everything that is in the earth will die.”