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REV. 13 & 17

Should you find yourself among the most fortunate,
you will live to see his day—albeit from the safety and
tranquility of “a distance”.  If your lot is with the
fortunate, you might narrowly escape his allure in one
of two cleansing bloodbaths.  On the other hand,
should you number amongst the unfortunate, you will
live only to regret the day you bowed the knee in
homage and subservience to him.

From his post in the end-times, his roots will sink deep
into the empire of the ancient Romans.  His globe-
spanning reign will be over a world in ruins, wrecked
by the foolishness of men, but just as much left
ramshackled and reeling from a fresh outpouring of the
wrath of God.

In his inaugural moments, when he signs a seven-year
peace initiative with the Jews—the world’s reigning
(albeit to them, unseemly) global economic and military
power, in the last days—he will rise to prominence but
not dictator status with Babylon the Great at his back.  
His war with God’s two witnesses will demand his
death, even as he simultaneously, occasions theirs, in a
mission to stop their torment.  
Following the beast’s resurrection and ascension from the Abyss, indwelt and powered by Satan—as when God’s Spirit indwelt
the earth bound Christ—he will begin a sweeping campaign to establish his authority.  First, he will break the seven-year treaty
with Israel in a battle that will dethrone the Jews and leave him in charge at Jerusalem.  Desecration of the newly rebuilt Temple
with his presence and proclamation of himself as God therein will be equaled by his destruction of the Mother of all Harlots—
the Great Whore, whose spirit, religious bent and heavy had in matters political has earned her the name Babylon the Great.  All
the world, including the remnant of the church rejects, will embrace him like an umbrella, for shelter from the fury of the true
and Living God.  There, with the full support of his equally endowed false prophet in the Prime Minister’s role, he will proceed
to secure and tighten his grip over the reigns of the world.  All, including India and China, will bow the knee to him.  Through
masterful deception and the employment of all that the modern sciences and technology has to offer, all dissention to his truly
globe-reaching rule, the first ever of its kind, will be crushed early, nipped in the blood of every one of the perhaps billions
saved by the ministry of the 144,000.  

Living conditions on earth will be rendered impossible by God’s bowl judgments, further desecrating the entire planet,
destroying the beast’s kingdom and his credibility in the eyes of his followers, in the process, thus setting the stage for the
challenge and show-down by the kings of the East.  The beast will emerge the victor in the Battle of Armageddon, only to
suffer an ignominious, near effortless defeat at the hands of his Maker, during the final phase of the battle in the Valley of

Consignment of the beast and the false prophet to Lake of Fire and the devil to Hades throughout the Millennial reign will cap
the creature rebellion.

Who is this beast?  Who is this Great Whore?  This book, The Beast, will answer these questions and more.
The Beast

The Roman Catholic Church

The Vatican’s/apostate church’s effort to keep itself alive and at the forefront religiously and politically—in spite of its loss of
control and dominance over Italy in the early 1900s—has been highly successful.  Virtually anyone, who is someone, whether
in media or in politics, thinks only of Rome, when he thinks at all on the term “Christianity”.  Her ruse has the world quite
literally under her spell.  God, however, is not fooled.  He will not have His church, the Body of His Son, to be fooled either.  He
will not be mocked perpetually by this “mother” and purveyor of religious whoredoms.  She must and she will be destroyed.

As is true right now, in these good times when everybody (in terms of major industrial powers) is producing, except the
Vatican—yet only the Vatican has money, liquid cash—so likewise, when the Apocalypse starts, from that point on when the
producers can no longer produce efficiently, only the Vatican will have meaningful cash flow.  The beast—in his limited, Italian
national leadership role as the prince, prior to his deadly confrontation with God’s two witnesses—and those nations destined to
make up his ten nation federation will court that money for a time, then turn on her in precisely the same way he will court the
oil under the thumbs of the Jews, then turn on them at the mid-point of a seven year treaty with them.

At this point, where John’s vision and this chapter’s placement in the Apocalypse are concerned, Babylon—of whatever
denomination, on whatever the front—is no more.  That is, the last of the bowl judgments has brought us to within moments of
the closing of history with, or where man has been at the helm, and the soon return, when the Lord of all history, God Almighty
in human flesh Himself will take the helm for one thousand years.  The “inset” here is merely a flashback as it were to provide
us with a few particulars that contribute toward a positive ID in terms of the ‘who’ of the chief players during the last days of
the greatest, most turbulent time of tribulation men will ever know—namely, the woman, and the dangerous wild animal.  
Furthermore, one should perhaps be aware throughout this chapter that all the events herein, together with those of chap. 13,
revolve around these two central, symbolic characters, having each, two objects, or, fulfillments.  In fact, one must conclude
therefore, moreover, that the reality is, the whole of the end-times scenario ultimately narrows to a theme such that in the finale
all of global life will revolve and be rooted in and/or around these two eschatological entities.  

The Woman on a Scarlet Beast

The Great Whore:  
John is given several key revelations, all of which contribute to an accurate unveiling of this woman.  He was told her,  
1) her location,
2) her activity:  the nature, the reach, and the impact her offensive preoccupation,
3) her influence:  its scope, range and the bearing; and
4) her demise:  the manner and approximate timing thereof.  

(:1, 2) To initiate this ‘inset’, one of the seven angels who was the administrator of one of the seven bowls of the last
judgments came to invite John along as he revealed and detailed the judgment of the great whore, who sits upon many waters.  
There has been no discussion or mention of any such person, heretofore, hence, one can well imagine John’s perplexity and
inquisitiveness.  Continuing in his revelation of this harlot to John, the angel says of her that she is guilty of having fornicated
with all the kings, all around the world; all the inhabitants of the earth, subjects of the these kings, have as well been made
drunk via the wine of her fornicating.  That alone gives us a synopsis as to the nature of her offensive activity, and the scope of
her influence.

·        The whore is a prolific fornicator, which means she is highly religious
·        The whore professes a right relationship to God, i.e., she’s says she is Christian
·        The whore is widely known, and, highly influential amongst world leaders
·        The whore is highly visible, and, she is well received amongst the people of the world