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The Long, Hellish Road to
Rev. 6-12, 14-16, 19
At this beginning of the Apocalypse, the break down of the
religious establishment will be fresh, perhaps, but in full swing.  
The church proper will have been removed from the earth in the
Rapture, leaving the way cleared for the Day of the Lord, aka, the
Apocalypse, to begin and to accelerate to full throttle.  The United
States of America is no more—as a force to be reckoned with.  
These are the days for which the Lord of all Glory has awaited,
and warned, since the beginning of time; a time for which the
world, unwittingly, has been readying itself in earnest, for one
hundred five (plus) years as of today (06/22/07).  It is a day, one
might say, marking the commencement of the final phase of a
literal War of the Worlds, in which God gradually pulls out all the
stops in His bid to get mankind’s undivided attention.

It has been said that “it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of
an angry God”, yet, one could well insist, it is not God’s intent
here to focus attention entirely on just that fact alone.  Rather, in
the Almighty’s estimation, that which marks the initial terror of
this time of testing is man himself, unbridled—free from the
constraining influences of God’s Holy Spirit (He will be removed
with the Church; see II Thes. 2)—left to his own
unrestrained, self-serving ambitions, and the merciless influences of the devil he will soon worship outright, as “god”; man in
his quest to establish himself as lord of other men, to satisfy his needs or wants at the expense of others, or, to wipe out all
who dare not submit to his will, demands, views, or whelms—to place himself in the role of God (remember the Germans’
murderous “final solution”, and, more recently the Serbs and the Rwandans, and their respective genocidal “ethnic cleaning”).  
In the midst of today’s technological advances in every area imaginable—particularly war making—man, having long written
off God and His biblical manifestations of Himself and His wrath as laughable, mythical, is now at the very least a terror unto
himself, along precisely the same lines as God said he would be.  Today’s tech savvy world was preceded quite literally by man’
s increased ability to serve death on a colossal scale (to kill himself, in strict accord with biblical prophecy), not the other way
around.  Chemical, biological or germ warfare, introduced by the Germans during WWI, and nuclear proliferation—spurred and
given birth by the unlocking of the secrets of the atom—set in motion by the dropping of Little Boy on Hiroshima followed by
Fat Boy on Nagasaki within days of each other (thereby ending WWII in the Pacific) are constant threats, on everyone’s minds
today, although neither threat existed before the year 1900 (they were prophesied and promised, however, two thousand years
in advance, being very real, viable alternatives in the mind, plan, and word of God the Almighty!).  The US and the former
USSR having affected some sort of an agreement by which their nuclear arms race has been limited if not halted altogether.  
Every rogue or third world nation is now in a rush to get one—and eventually, unfortunately, certain will.  Those having
medium range nuke tipped weapons now are said to be making even the impoverished, ever weakening Rus, who is largely
responsible for supplying their nuke demands in the first place, a bit nervous (Interestingly, as alluded to in the “Prelude…”,
Russia represents an industrial powerhouse that cannot effectively make sense or full use of its own potential.).

As of 08/10/05, Iran, within the past couple days has poo pooed an international attempt to forestall its efforts at uranium
enrichment.  Together with N. Korea, each is effectively vying to hold the world hostage, with its nuclear potential, to get what
they want (the one, so impoverished that, left to its own devices, cannot feed its starving millions; the other, facing gasoline
shortages and possible rationing problems—as of 06/27/07—even as it sits atop crude reserves rated second largest in the
world, having little or no refining capacity, and, at the same time lacking the mfg. infrastructure and capacity with which to
create a sustained need for refined crude, or, to meet the demands of the jihad it wishes to wage to bring the world to its knees
under islam!  It relies on Russia for arms and nuclear technology; it is unclear who supplies its refined crude, though it is
probably the Russians as well.).  When either is finally successful in its enrichment efforts, it is almost certain that WMDs will
follow (that, amid passionate, public denials from Iranian President Ahmadinejad, to the contrary).  And of course, there is
always the threat that Al-Qaida or some other terrorist organization will someday get their hands on more germ agents like
anthrax or something worse, and—particularly if Iran or N. Korea have their ways—a nuclear bomb.  Neither will be shy about
using either.  

At any rate, the “perilous times”, prophesied by Paul, by the Lord Jesus, Peter and Jude, are not just a prophecy anymore.  
They are now imminently realizable, complete with just the right mix of mindset and materials to make it all happen, quite in
keeping with the word of God.  The world has always been a very dangerous place, simply because of the presence of man,
and his willingness and readiness to slaughter his fellow man, for whatever the reason, to get his way.  The difference between
dangers then and dangers now, however, is such that war prone factions within humanity can now vent any pent-up hostilities
and frustration within itself, completely wiping out the opponent, virtually without lifting a finger.  Before 1900, war was
literally, undeniably, hard work; armies had to be eliminated one man at a time—man to man (before cannon balls and Gatling
guns).  Today it is a virtual breeze, a mere walk in the park, leisurely.  Multitudes, whole cities or armies can be liquidated en
masse, within a matter of seconds, or minutes at the most, while one man sits in his own backyard, a continent away (God, the
Almighty, foresees and forewarns of a day when an entire nation—the mightiest, most powerful, and, most prosperous ever—
can and will be reduced to rubble, within the relatively short space of only one hour!  See Rev. 18).  Jesus in His warning to His
disciples foresaw this day (our day) in which man’s own potential for destruction of others, his ‘skill’ at devising new ways of
taking life, converting and exploiting every new technology for its killing capability, coupled with his never-ending proclivity for
petulance and war, would bring him to the point of self-annihilation (Matt. 24; and yet, might we not insist that the perils and
dangers to which Jesus alludes here, when coupled with those throughout the entirety of the Revelation and with other
prophecies, are not so much the product of man’s own doing, as they are the work of God Himself, as He works,
systematically, to bring man to his knees—the hope being, ultimately, to save as many as possible?  That is, the conditions of
which Jesus speaks, which threaten the existence of all mankind, such as remain, will be more God-induced, than man-made.).