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Demystifying God’s
Apocalypse is a verse by
verse study of the entire
Book of the Revelation, as
penned, preserved for us
and unlike any that has
been set forth, to date.  
This is not a “
he said, she
” treatise, where
endless reference is made
to quotations of so-called
prophecy “experts” and
other gurus is presented,
ad nauseam—signalling the
teacher/preacher is quite
often clueless as to what
he is teaching or preaching,
relegating to the realm of
insignificance most of
what he understands not;
which can be a significant
amount of material (which
in turn cheapens or
diminishes the value of the
word of God!).
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Introduction to

The world was never meant to continue indefinitely.  Yet,
no informed Christian need ever concern himself over
2012 AD and the Mayan calendar.  In terms of
choreography, no ancient work has so thoroughly and so
accurately spelled out the end-times—in terms of main
events and overall character—as has the Bible and its
Book of the Revelation.  Leading the way to the end of
days will be the downfall of Babylon the Great (Rev.
18).  This calamitous crash of an end-times political and
economically iconic titan will create chaos in a wake that
stretches all the way to the mother-of-all wars upon the
fields of Megiddo—the Battle of Armageddon.  
With every technological, historical and environmental sign the Bible ever foretold having leapt from drawing board to stark
reality, signaling the end is undeniably near, there remains still a lot of history to be written.  Significant turning points have yet
to materialize.  In addition to souls to be won—today’s lackluster, puke-grade church notwithstanding—there is a sequence of
end-times steps (as it were) that must be played out before the world ends.  The main events marking the bloody, hellish road to
the end are as follows:

Babylon the Great destroyed (Rev. 18)
The invasion of Israel by a Russian led EU/Arab consortium (Eze. 38 & 39)
The rise and reign of the Jews
WWIII and the New World Order
  Worldwide runaway inflation rampant
  Global famine, epidemics
  Global massacre of billions
Destabilization of the ecosystem and man’s environment
  Growing seasons altered
      Food production vastly curtailed
  Air quality greatly diminished
  Meteor strike,
     possibly miles wide to Texas-sized,
     exploding with nuke force        
     oceanic and fresh waters poisoned
     edible fish killed
  Oceanic hypoxic,
      by man,
      by God
The rise, reign and terror of the Beast
  Holocaust/Final Solution:  Jews driven out of Jerusalem
  The Great Whore (Babylon the Great) (Rev. 17) destroyed
  One world government and financial system instituted
Destabilization and destruction of the kingdom of the beast
      Phase I and
      Phase II

The stage is now set; the chips are all in, the deck is stacked.  A roadmap having been drawn, the way to the end is clear.  As
this book, The Apocalypse, will demonstrate, all that is needful now is for the command to be given.  At that moment, the
church will be removed.  Immediately afterwards, each chaotic domino of last-days events will begin to fall into its respective
place.  Leading this cascade of events will be a ravished and razed Red, White and Blue.

Whatever happens (this year!) in 2012, saints may rest assured that, per se, it won’t be the end of the world.  Far, far from it!


PR:  the online encyclopedia Wikipedia defines ‘public relations’ as (more or less) the art of managing communications between
a given organization and the audience it wants to reach.  The immediate object sought, through implementation of topics of
interest, is exposure, by means of which or upon which to establish and build a more long-term goal of rapport (by that, one
can assume, they mean a basis for further communication).

In a matter of speaking, the Book of the Revelation is a PR document meant to caste God in a certain, peculiar, perhaps but no
less, specific light (this is true of all Bible prophecy).  By virtue of His revealed designs and purposes for the future of mankind
and of the earth (topics of interest to all thinkers of the day, Christian and non-Christian), it is in addition a veritable Crystal Ball
that yields a view intended to govern how God is to be perceived and received by the general public.  Those in ministry
therefore—whether it be the classroom or the pulpit, or, the pew—who fail or refuse to familiarize themselves with the genre so
as to lead their congregations to a fuller, greater appreciation thereof do so at the expense of short-circuiting the totality of the
vision of the Son, as God wants Him known (Rev. 19:10).  

Ultimately, one might say, it is the church pastor’s job to manage and to promote this vitally important facet of God’s PR
campaign.  In addition, we might further argue that as God’s PR representative, any pastor who cannot properly adjudicate the
Book of the Revelation and Bible prophecy in general has no business in ministry.  Therein lies, perhaps, the crux of the
problem—few in these most remarkable of times can teach the subject.  Fewer still are those who are aware of the awesome
responsibility that is theirs by virtue of their acceptance of their calling—or, their interposition of themselves into a calling into
which they perhaps should never have been, in the first place.  If ignorance back of 100 years ago was understandable—and it
was, key information being non-existent—there is no excuse for the kind of lack of knowledge or lack concern for the
Revelation and prophecy, that pervades the churches and pulpits today.  

In the main, no matter how scary the Book is to most people, the primary theme of the Book of the Revelation is “evangelism”.  
That is, this PR initiative is a detailing of end-times events geared toward picking up where God’s wayward, backwards and/or
spiritually bankrupt churches have fallen short.  It shows that God will for a time abandon men to a murderous fate and a
merciless killing of himself, inaugural to his (man’s) “New World Order” (‘abandon’ is probably a bit of an overstatement, but,
one gets the point, does he not?  God will still be here, active, as it were, in the “soul” search and rescue department, but, will
do little to stave the release of the wickedness of the hearts of men.).  Hereby the world will be readied for a second bountiful
harvest of souls, ahead of the rise of the “beast”—mankind’s “god”-of-choice.  This book will further show how God’s bowl
judgments will finalize the creation of a veritably uninhabitable planet (Matt. 24:21-22), leaving the world disillusioned and
distrustful of their newly embraced “god”.  

With his world in shambles and the rest of the armies of the world at his side, the beast will entertain the kings from the east.  
He will engage them in the Valley of Decision.  The victor here will be left to battle his Maker for supremacy, and mastery of
the world in this Valley of Megiddo, at The Battle of Armageddon.

This complete commentary on the Book of the Revelation will thoroughly resolve all of the mysteries and the intricacies relative
to God’s eschatological PR scheme, as they are contained and detailed in this most curious of all the books of the Bible.  

One’s sincere prayer is that this work will be as much a blessing to those who read it—seeking to appease their curiosity as to
God’s plan for the world’s end—as it was for this author to write.