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A King Forever,
After the Order of
Crown of the Greatest of kings!
Hi’, again, Evan:

With respect to your observation and conclusion concerning the “order” of
Melchisedec, you are right on the money.  It is absolutely impossible for
any other man to hold this office.  Your perception of the term “order”
however, is a bit askew.  The Greek term employed by the writer here is
the word “taxis” (tax’-is), meaning “an arranging, arrangement, or,
order”.  Moreover, the term is used with reference to the divinely ordained
character and nature of any priesthood—in this case that of Melchisedec,
as it foreshadows that of Jesus Christ.  Our understanding of “taxis” (and
all its connotations, or the way we are to interpret the statement, in which
it occurs) is further enhanced when we take stock of the fact that the full
meaning and significance of the New Testament expression “…after the
order of Melchisedec” is ultimately rooted in the Old Testament expression
of its derivation, in Psalm 110:5.  
There, in Psalm 110, the Hebrew word translated “order” literally means “reason, suit, or style”.  Hence, the actual meaning of
the statement, whether in Psalm 110 or Hebrews 7, is such that the Priesthood in question is to be one “…in the style of
Melchisedec”.  That is, it is one Divinely appointed (insofar as God alone sets its standards and determines its qualifications, not
the traditions or ideologies of men), in which only one Priest ever served (Melchisedec, we are told—remember?—never died).  
Therefore, no one else has ever held that Priesthood.  Simply put then, the Priesthood of Jesus Christ is one like that of
Melchisedec; it is eternal, and non-transferable, given that no one else can fill it.

Now then, Evan, you do understand the “mystery” behind Melchisedec, do you not?  His Priesthood is non-transferable (i.e., no
one else can ever hold it) and He never died, in which case He is still a Priest today.  But, do you understand why this is

Strictly speaking, and again, simply put, my friend—whether we are talking about you, me, the apostles or any one of the
descendants of Aaron, the Old Testament chief of the priests—no man can ever occupy in the office of the Melchisedec
Priesthood, because it is one that can be filled only by God Himself (this, contrary to the teaching of a prominent writer and
preacher, Rev. Battle, who holds that Melchisedec is Shem, son of Noah!).  Thus, we see then, that the appearance of
Melchisedec before Abraham on the desert plains outside of Mamre, was actually a physical manifestation of the invisible God
Himself, who was then ordinarily a Spirit Being.  He was that Person of the Godhead—a Trinity of Individuals (read our page at—destined  two thousand years or so later to be transformed into the Baby Jesus, born
in a smelly stable, and placed into that animal’s feeding trough.  This is the only actual appearance of Melchisedec, as such, in
the whole Bible.  Furthermore, given that Melchisedec is God in human flesh, prior to the Bethlehem “morphing”, His pre-Christ
existence before Abraham is said to be a “Christophony”.  Unlike the case involving His birth via Mary’s womb, Melchisedec
was still 100% God, having all His original, eternal attributes and authority physically (this was true of all the other OT
Christophonies, as well, regardless of how He appeared).  From cradle to Calvary however, God was 100% Man, flesh and
blood, similar to you and me (without our inherited propensity for sin).  Otherwise, He was completely divested of all His
original glory, majesty, attributes and authority (consider the pages at & www. GospelataGlance.html).  This is the “Mystery of Godliness” about which Paul wrote to Timothy in I
Tim. 3:16, the one that—in terms of details—even the churches today are totally ignorant.