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The Man
His Humanity


After studying and looking at Jesus briefly in terms of His genealogy,
nationality, OT physical (or, Christophonic) appearances, and His
relationship to the Trinity, where does all this knowledge leave us with
regard to the Man from Galilee?  Now, as then in His day, questions and
speculation swirl concerning His nature.  To some people He was just a
“good” Man.  He for one was fully aware that none of His disciples saw
Him as God, nor did they interpret any of His words or His actions to
mean that He wished Himself to be received as “God”.  Others, today,
claim He was God and Man, and, that He said so.  What of this person
who walked the streets of Jerusalem and the dust strewn roads of Galilee?  
Who, or what in fact was He—God, or, Man?  If He were truly human,
and as such, could He sin, or act independently of Him Whom He claimed
to be His Father?  
Or, could it be that His Being was more in keeping with evangelical/fundamentalist thought, which holds that He was both—
God and Man at the same time (if we conclude that “God” implies functionally and pragmatically possessing personally, within
Himself, of His own accord, all the power, attributes characteristic of everything known to qualify biblically as “God”, was
this Man God, during His days on earth?  If He were God and Man then, is He God and Man now, and what is the the
churches believe; we know what the evangelicals and fundamentalists teach, but, what in fact does the Bible teach
(remember:  the Bible is the only available, reliable source of all that the world knows about Jesus Christ, the Nazarene)?

This treatise was begun initially as a letter to Hank Hannegraff in response to a question and answer session aired on his Bible
Answerman (Radio) program.  It has now been adapted to address what one now perceives as the “farce of evangelicalism”
or, the great evangelical farce, together with what amounts to nothing, if not a very subtle and damning form of idolatry.  The
Christ they peddle before the eyes of the world, is not the Christ who died on Golgotha’s Hill.  

Folks like Mr. Hannegraffe and other evangelicals have set themselves up, so that they are recognized all over the world, as
authorities on the Word and the word of God—and it seems the world has, or may have a lot to be thankful for, in terms of
their efforts, on the one hand—but, are they, indeed authorities?  Further complicating matters and clouding the issues is the
expressed ignorance of the likes of the Rev. Billy Graham and the American Bible Society (see Appendix C).  Jerry Falwell
appeared to have been having fun watching a friend who preached at his church roughly one year before his death.  That
friend was “having a good time” apparently belittling the idea of God and salvation.  D. James Kennedy was one of those who
felt and talked passionately about the faith and Godliness of the founding fathers of this great country, while conveniently
forgetting its gross hypocrisy and its arrogant mistreatment of all minorities of every stripe, often in the name of God.  One
wonders just how many of today’s biggest names in the industry of gospel ministry are actually saved!  How can they be?  
Their teachings reveal that they actually do not know this Jesus of Nazareth, as God has painted Him in His word, the Bible.  
They know Him only in terms of the their “beliefs”, which normally consist of a mix of scriptures they find ‘palatable’, and,
omissions of those scriptures they find offensive (their preference is as the sin of “presumption”, over “thus saith the
Lord”.).  That begs the question, can they possibly be saved?  Are these men simply fat-cat religious charlatans, who have
profited handsomely, at God’s expense?  The short answer is may be yes!  The long answer will spill the beans and detail
what they do not know and as it shows or illustrates why they do not know Him.