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That said, we begin this study on this note:  Research has shown that the
fastest growing religion in the United States today is Islam—this due in
large part to an influx of Muslims in recent years, and to offspring born to
Muslim citizens, already living here.  Conversely, Christianity appears to
have suffered a significant decline in growth.  Thus, statisticians conclude,
the U. S. is growing less and less Christian.  That being as it may, where
these facts are concerned, interest remains high, all around the world,
relative to the Name that is above all names.  While Mohammed may be
winning the “numbers game” in the rat race of religion, multitudes still
share an active interest in the life-changing, soul-saving name of Jesus
Christ.  All things Bible dovetail at that matchless Name.  All themes
biblically theological (whether moral or social, creation or history, science
or prophecy) lead to His nail-pierced, bloodstained feet.  “Wise men, still
seek…Him”, or, so they say.  All who long for the righteousness of God
are sensitive to His open invitation to “…come…”.  It is the Christian’s
duty, hence it is our mission and our goal, here at Candle Stick Ministries,
to see to it that this hunger and this thirst is satisfied, biblically, non-
denominationally—in the face of what could someday prove to be the
murderous onslaught of an Islamic upsurge that slams that door shut,
forever; even in this, the land of the “free”!  Coupled with major
concessions and gains in the “gay pride” movement, that day may not be
too far in the future.
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Dear Daniel:

“Sir, we would see Jesus”!  As with the Greeks who approached one of the apostles, so likewise, similarly, that was Daniel’s
response to my first ever attempt at website building.  The aim was to find a way to market my fledgling writing debut, using a
website.  It had never occurred to me that a site could be a tool by means of which to share Bible related information, and, the
gospel of Jesus Christ as well.  “Just tell me more about Jesus,” was Daniel’s simple but sincere plea. The following, begun as
an email in answer to Daniel’s request, is the first article written (by me!) for the web.  His inquiry, then, serves as the basis
and the impetus for this study.

It is so good to hear from you and to hear that you want to know more about Jesus, I said! Jesus is a name about whom every
one should want to know more. Before I begin, I'm curious to know if you have a Bible or if you can get one?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth was a Galilean Jew who lived approximately 2000 years ago. His mother was a virgin young woman
by the name of Mary. His "step-father" was a man named Joseph, meaning of course, that he was “not” a factor in the birth of
Jesus.  That is, Joseph was not Jesus’ biological father.

In many ways, this man Jesus was (outwardly, by all appearances) not unlike any other man. He ate, He drank, He slept, He
took a bath, donned His wardrobe, worked and He walked like most every one else.  There was about Him, however, a certain
peculiarity, one about which only a handful of people knew—in any detail.  While on the one hand, He looked ordinary—His
carriage and the respect He commanded being nothing out of the ordinary, for a man of character and class—this was, on the
other hand, no common Jew, for several key reasons:
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