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Jesus’ Nationality

Thanks so much for visiting with us here at the and
for giving us this opportunity to get involved in the resolution of your little

First off, I should like to say that I am African-American (at least, one-
third or so!  I shall also take the liberty of assuming that, from the “taint &
tenor” of your e-mail, maybe you are as well?); albeit, Jesus of Nazareth,
most assuredly was not.  Nor was He born in Africa.  The reality is that
Jesus was born in an obscure little Judean town called “Bethlemen”
Ephratah (Micah 5:2; Matt. 2:1-6, 8, 16; Luke 2:3-5, 11, 15), in the nation
of Israel, well within the land Palestine.  He was reared by an obscure
peasant couple of Jewish descent (only the woman, of that couple, actually
had anything to do with His birth; there was no human male involvement in
Jesus’ conception!).  Jesus was in
His Complexity
His Nationality
fact a man without a nationality, strictly speaking—where actual, literal blood was concerned (yet, of necessity, every drop of
His blood was in fact, human!).
There is no greater authority on the Life and Times of the Man Jesus, than the written Word of the Living God, His True
Father; His only Parent, in the strictest sense of the word, and, if you understand the “birthing” process at all, then, you know
that, given that there was no man involved in His conception, there was, therefore, really no “blood” relationship between the
Man from Galilee, and His earthly family.  In the womb, He drew all of His sustenance, and nourishment from Mary’s blood,
but—as is the case in all human conception—their “bloods” (mother/child) never mixed.  Here’strusting you understand why,
and that you know that Joseph was not a factor in His conception.  That is, while it is true that Mary carried the Creator of the
Universe to term (being primarily a feeding and incubation chamber), there was in the end, no actual biological or physical
connection between Him and His earthly family—beyond the umbilical cord, and the nourishment Mary passed on from her
body to His, thereby.  There was no DNA transfer or sharing.  The work of redemption, which He was commissioned to
accomplish on the cross, had to be all God—including birth, life and mission, death and resurrection—in human flesh.

So then, Jesus was not of African descent, nor was He born in Africa.  However, Jesus and His earthly parents, Miriam (Mary)
and Joseph did live for a time there in the north eastern part of the continent of Africa, somewhere in that state or division
known as Egypt (Matt. 2:12-23—to the best of my knowledge, the Bible does not name a town or other specific locality, in
terms of their abode.  Here is where they fled, per the Mind and Will of the Father, as He sought to shelter the Lad from the
murderous Herod, the Idumean Gentile king—who, having heard that a rightful King for the Jews was recently born, sought to
eliminate the perceived “Threat” by killing all Jewish males two years old and younger (Matt. 2:12-15).  This passage suggests
that Jesus must have been at least two years old when He and His family entered North Africa (Egypt).

Jesus’ Complexion

Regarding Jesus’ complexion, the biblical record makes no mention.  While it is true that His skin may well have been dark, it
need not have been due solely to His race, nor does dark skin necessarily imply “African”.  As has been shown, He was
definitely not a “black” man.  Many of the people groups of that region of the world are, even today, of a dark “pigmentation”;
some naturally so.  They are normally almost as black as any African.  Others are dark chiefly because of the sun (remove them
from the sun, and their skins may lighten considerably).  Some remain relatively dark, no matter what, and their offspring are
born just as dark.  Consider the Song of Solomon, where the King’s lover refers to herself as “black”, due to having been
coerced to work the vineyards—under the hot, blazing sun—by her angry siblings.  Clearly, the implication is that she was
normally one of a lighter complexion).  On the other hand, he the King, was said to have been one light of coloration; he being
as she was, “Jewish”, but, obviously not subjected to the glare of the rays of the sun.