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Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38:  
Similar, but, Strikingly Different

There has been much debate throughout the years relative to the
genealogical lineage of Jesus Christ.  The New Testament gospel records
cite two.  Why?  Which is the actual line of Jesus?  Only one can be.  This
document establishes which.

Everything that God does is done for a reason.  Everything proceeds
according to a set plan.  Nothing is ever arbitrary, nor is it an after thought
due to some unforeseen, unexpected circumstance.  Little if anything is
ever extraneous.  All that He says must be considered and weighed
carefully.  So it is with the birth of our Lord.

If, as stated previously in the opening remarks—Jesus Christ is a Man of
Jewish descent—then, it must also follow that as such, He must also have
a genealogical record.  The Biblical narrative actually records two such
listings of His ancestry.  The question dogging the minds of the curious
and the inquiring is, why? While conceivably, both records could be His,
are they?  Should there not be only one?  Which, then, is the correct one?  
Is there a solid, sound, biblical resolution to this apparent conflict?
The birth of Jesus Christ was not only the product of a definite, predetermined plan and purpose, it also followed, a specific
route plan, in terms of His genealogical record.  Again, one might say, that plan (like the blue print for the creation itself) was
formulated, and finalized long before the first ‘pillaric’ particles (quarks and electrons) upon which the entire universe rests
were called into being (Eph. 1:4).  Thus, we conclude that following the satanically instigated Adamic fall, God set in motion His
eternal plan—rooted in The Seed—with the promise to the devil behind it that, “while you will in the interim bruise His heel, He
(the Seed) will in the finale crush your head” (Gen. 3:15).  This statement “hop-scotches” across the centuries and millennia to
come—by-passing all of His (human) progenitors—to the time when satan will kill His pure, sin-free but mortal body of flesh,
yet never touch His eternal Spirit and, in so doing, seal his own already sealed fate (“His heel” having been bruised, the death-
nail, on which hangs the devil’s eternal destiny, has been driven home).

In addition to several groups of Old Testament listings, the New Testament gives two genealogical records of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth:  one according to Matthew’s gospel, the other according to Dr. Luke’s gospel.  Each is strikingly different, yet, there
are similarities.  One ultimately has positively nothing to do with the coming of Christ; the other is His biological lineage, as far
as that goes, and demonstrates that God ultimately rules in the affairs of men, and that it is He who in the finale makes the
decision as to who sits as king among men, regardless of one’s background (it does not matter who tradition or cultures says is
next in line to be king; see II Kings 9:6; Daniel 4:17).  Which one is the correct record through which the world was given its
Jewish Messiah, and why one, but not the other (consider also “Jesus’ Nationality”, p. 21)?
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