Introduction. 2

The Problem.. 2

Gays & Lesbians: None created by God. 3

Homosexuality: Dangerous living. 4

Abstinence or death the only cleanser. 4

Side Bar. 5

Heaven: Gays Invited; None Welcomed. 6

The Solution:  Loathsome or Not, There is Hope. 6

Conclusion. 8


God, &

Good Sex

by Alvin Mitchell

Copyright 2005

by Alvin Mitchell




First John Travolta:  “Outed” by male massage workers, following some of his apparently foolish behavior, of an unsolicited sexual nature.  Now, today, 07/02/2012 the great Anderson Cooper, CNN commentator, “outs” himself.  It seems both of these high profile personalities is “gay”.  More troubling than the fact that Mr. Travolta hid his sex preference under the skirt of his wife for years, however, is that Mr. Cooper has the audacity to invoke the name of God, to bolster his involvement in the gay lifestyle—as if God actually endorses homosexual intercourse.  One can only presuppose that he portends to or would have the world believe that he believes in the “God” of the Holy Bible (in all likelihood, his “god” is the god of deism; one of his own imagination; one he personally can control to his liking, but, in any biblical sense, who has no control over him.).   And now, as if that were not bad enough at the beginning of July, we end the month on a note such that the first American woman in space hid a deep, dark secret:  she too was “gay”!


To any and every degree that the advent an American President of African descent marks a historic milestone on Capital Hill, to the same degree I’m ready to concede that African-Americans have a lot for which to be thankful in the presidency of Mr. Barak Obama.  In the face of dangerous defense cuts, unflagging support for killing babies, and now, his publicly flaunted embrace for the equally dangerous, disease infested practice of the homosexuals and their agendas, one wonders if maybe this historic moment in the Oval Office might not be best limited to one term!  Being a man of his stature and caliber, his Christian profession in the face of an evident whopping ignorance of and/or disdain for all things Holy Writ (that don’t fit within his apparent definition of ‘world-view’) provide little basis for consolidation.  The man is oblivious to the fact that God in His word is adamantly opposed to the murder of the innocent unborn.  He is equally as much insensitive to the Bible’s condemnation of the practice of the gay lifestyle. 


With these points in mind, this treatise was originally penned in answer to a plea for information and understanding sought by a married family man living somewhere in South Africa.  Having stumbled upon one of our earlier websites, the man confided that while he was indeed married, to a woman, by whom he had in fact fathered several offspring, he no less felt that he still had “feelings” for inordinate interaction with men.  At that time, he had never succumbed to those feelings, nor had he ever been sexually involved with another male.  Nonetheless, in spite of his Christian profession, having been brought up in a supposed Christian home, and notwithstanding a “professed” knowledge of the Bible, he could not resolve his issue, biblically.  Yet, in his estimation, “God gave him those desires”!  Sound like American journalist, writer and TV personality, Anderson Cooper (the self-exposed, host of CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360, recently “come out” as gay, invoking “God” as the Cause behind his ‘condition’)?  Was his feeling, in fact, natural or, unnatural?  Were they biblical, or, unbiblical?  The following is a detailing of our handling of the matter, in a volley of emails with the man, based upon the Word of God, common sense, and, to a degree, some knowledge of the modern sciences.


The Problem


First and foremost, Mr. Kallides, in answer to your plea for help, I (or anyone else, for that matter) cannot possibly help you; only God can, and He can only help you, however, as you are willing to submit to His Will and to obey.  It appears to me (considering your background and knowledge of scripture,) you are not willing.  Instead you are reaching out to other men, who in the final analysis, can only tell you what you appear to have heard already and, therefore (to a degree) know.  No Christian teacher, minister, servant, or lay person of any understanding and discernment will ever attempt to do more or less than to help you directly from and through the Word of the Living God, Yahweh (Jehovah) Elohim, Hayah (the God who is real!).  It is He with whom you have to come to terms.  You cannot bypass or circumvent His Will as expressed in His written Word.


Nonetheless, forsake of putting together another article for our websites, which may in the end prove beneficial to someone else, let us entertain these notions of yours.


First let’s list your claims and problems:


1)      you are a married man (I shall assume, to a woman), “…I believe I am gay.”

2)      You are attracted to men by nature

3)      You accuse of God creating you this way, and you wish to know why

4)      You are well aware of the biblical teaching that all such men ( and women) are an “abomination” in the Eyes of the Almighty

5)      You accuse God of giving you these desires for “men”, and you wonder why, if He sees you as abhorrent (and He does!)

6)      You were brought up in a “Christian” home (which has a certain way of not meaning a whole heck of a lot in today’s terms), in South Africa

7)      You know and you love God

8)      You are confused and want guidance

9)      You do “…not want this feelings” (great!  That at least is a step in the right direction.)


Gays & Lesbians: None created by God


Please note up front that God did not create you homosexual.  You should therefore, be careful of making accusation such that He gave you your desires for other men.  God cannot Himself be tempted to do evil, nor will He ever tempt any man to do evil or, to go against the grain of His own word (James 1).   Rather, as you know, God created the basis only for monogamous, heterosexual, relations:  a man is to leave his own father and mother and join with his wife (a woman), so as to form what in God’s Eyes, amounts to one complete human being, although they are in fact two separate individuals.  The reason for this, I am sure you realize, is because when God first created mankind—Adam, the father of all humanity—He did so by packing all the ingredients into one body.  That is, this Adam appears to have had all the parts of a woman in his own body, originally (including the DNA coding)—i.e., everything necessary to bring about the human race was crammed within that one male, Adam (thus, as bizarre as it sounds, it seems he was both male and female, simultaneously).  However, God decided that this should not be.  The two sides should be separate (If this sounds like an after thought, it is not.  Remember, God planned and engineered all this before He ever constructed the first particle, upon which He then built the entire universe.  Thus, this surreal route through Adam to get to, i.e., to create the woman was part of the game play from the very beginning).  Hence, during the deep slumber that was put upon him, Jehovah removed that side or that part of him which was female, and a rib, and constructed the woman Eve.  Please note two things:  1) God did not start from scratch, that is, He did not stoop down and pick up a fresh fist full of dirt, over which He in a chant shouted “presto whipto” in order to fashion the helper fit for Adam, nor 2) did He ferret out of Adam, two different versions of maleness (shall we say), to be unionized by sexual relationships; that is, He did not make a “buddy”, or another man to fill the bill in recognition of or, in terms of what He knew Adam lacked (which is probably among the best of indicators that men on men and female to female relationships are by no means kosher, in His Eyes—they are not normative, inasmuch as they are not meant to be).  Rather, for and from the one man He created initially, He, with the parts He removed, created one woman (made from him, and for him, to be different; not the same), following which creation He issued a declaration:  the union of these two, a male and a female individual, is how the one original body I built will once again be realized as one flesh.  Please observe that there was and is no alternative solution to God’s resolution to the relationship dilemma.  The companionship expectations, sexual desires, of both were to be gratified by persons of the opposite sex.  God therefore created a situation such that a man’s attraction and affection demands require satisfaction from a woman, and vice versa, a woman’s craving for affection and her need for sexual gratification must be met by a man.  Consider Genesis 1:26-31; 2:19-25:  1) God created two similar, yet entirely different individuals from one, 2) in bestowal of blessing, He issued an injunction to them—the male and the female—enjoining that they should enjoy intimate interaction so that they could produce more like themselves (not so that they each could subsequently have same-sex partners, but so that the reproductive process could continue until the earth was fully populated (a feat obviously in no wise attainable through same sex unions); in so many words, their male/female actions and interactions were to set the example or tone for all their offspring), 3) God observed and examined thoroughly everything that He had made and determined that it was “very good” (in every sense of the word), just the way that everything was originally made—which of course, includes male/female relationships. 


Homosexuality: Dangerous living

 Abstinence or death the only cleanser 


It is for these reasons, then, Jacques, that your assertion such that God created you gay, and that He gave you your desires for other men, is wrong, biblically unsustainable, and just plain vile.  In light of His express prohibition as stated in the Law of Moses, God is no more responsible for the desires of homosexuals (or, lesbians) who long for same sex relationships than He is for the desires of murderers (of whatever genre) to commit murder, or thieves to commit theft, or of adulterers/fornicators to commit adultery or fornication, pedophiles who molest infants and destroy young children to appease their sexually deviant appetites, etc., etc., and so on and so forth—you get the picture.  Moreover, in that and to the degree you claim that you love Him, and yet you accuse Him of making you what you say you are and of giving you those desires for men, to the same degree you actually make Him a Liar, and, a partaker of the very deeds and sins you know He commands against!  Observe that in Leviticus 18:22; 20:13 and in Deuteronomy 23:17-18, which spell out and sum up God’s attitude toward this wickedness, we have not just a portrayal of a practice that He finds loathsome, a detestable thing, abhorrent or disgusting, but, notice that God also demonstrates that disgust by the issuance of a prescription for dealing with homosexuality:  any man (or woman) known for having sexual relations with another of the same sex, as when one does so with a woman, is to be served the same capital punishment meted out for murder, and adultery, and for other sins calling for this drastic measure (such as male or female sex with animals)—the homosexual or lesbian is to be put to death; period!  This same theme was played out almost 450 years earlier when God destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah and three of their neighboring cities, indicating or suggesting that while this evil had begun perhaps in one of the cities, it had spread and was no doubt in danger of spreading beyond that locale and, of course, along with it and its filth, the disease of the aids virus as well.  Interestingly, having settled in the Land of promise, and having grown fat with complacency and sin, certain cities of the old Israelis also lapsed into this same base sin of sexual degradation and debauchery (most likely picked up in part from the obnoxious, depraved practices of the remainder of the seven nations they were commissioned to destroy, upon entering the Holy Land, inasmuch as they too were hated by God for homosexuality, among other things), in which case God responded with the same remedy employed at the site of the five cities of the plains of Jordan:  He had the Jews and their 11 brothers destroy them, to thwart and stop the spread of homosexual deviancy.  Certain other peoples and powerful cultures who flourished in the distant past (not knowing God) are also now known to have engaged freely in this practice.  Interestingly, they are either no longer with us, or, they are only here in some capacity such that they are barely, if at all recognizable.  No doubt, their demise too is per the Hand and Will of the Almighty Himself. 


Side Bar

[Wondering why God needed to use so drastic a measure to quell the homosexual crisis?  First and foremost, He hates it, He cannot stand the thought of it, given that it goes against the grain of His original plan for mankind, i.e., He didn’t create gays, but consider:  In 1981, the aids virus was discovered. By 1999, 90% of all cases were linked to homosexual men and drug users who administer highs using needles (needles, needless to say, are not a “cause” of the virus, being as they are only one method of transfer). It is now a recognized fact however that, this deadly virus for which there is, even in these modern times, no cure, does not stay where it started (it is also said to be known for mutation, which means it can build up immunity to all known potential cures).  While the number of gay men in any given community may be relatively small overall, even a minor segment of that infected class who hide their shame under the skirts of unsuspecting wives and girlfriends—who in turn being affected by their gay lovers’ dangerous choices, pass that infection on by way of additional partners (promiscuously, or through marriage), breast feeding, intravenous drug use, etc.—can trigger a kind of rough, jagged exponential increase of an “outbreak” that can in time have horrific consequences.  Thus it is, it is said, that 60-70% of HIV cases today occur among heterosexuals (its roots, or, birth place however, is still the homosexual male).  The disease is on the move.  What began as a consequence of male on male sexual intercourse—and while its transmission rate is high in infected normal vaginal sex cases—it is ten times more likely to be transmitted through sex acts among men involved, or, sexually intimate anally. 


Furthermore, Jacques, one need only look at the Africa continent, the aids epidemic capital of the world (?), to see in modern times, in living color, the devastating consequences of not controlling and eliminating deviant sexual behavior.  25 million+ of the worlds estimated 45 million+ carriers are believed to live there, with most living in South Africa.  13 million Africans have already had their lives snuffed out by the disease.  Among nations, South Africa was the frontrunner, until it was recognized that India with an estimated 5.1 million infected souls, being “out of control” and in grave danger of getting only worst (and that quite rapidly), has caught and passed them.  Thanks to philosophical and ideological assumptions and such which present barriers to identification, education and treatment, in no case is either, or, similar situations expected to get better any time soon.  Thus one can well understand, the urgent need for radical containment during those early years of man, when today’s knowledge, scientific methods, analysis and other tools were altogether unavailable, and the world’s population in general as well as that of local communities was no where near as robust as today’s.  Directly, or indirectly, entire communities could have been infected and wiped out by an epidemic aids out break.  In addition, millions upon millions are expected to die in the coming days and years because of the apathy and lethargy of these two nations alone (needless to say, if you were born and raised in South Africa, you then know very well the situation there).]  


Heaven: Gays Invited; None Welcomed


Moving on then (to further enlarge upon your question as to whether gays have a place in heaven), knowing and understanding as we do that God’s attitude, distaste, and disdain for the gay lifestyle expressed and dramatized in the Old Testament (that men the world over, throughout the millennia might know)—while never expressed with the same drama in the New—let us bear firmly in mind that His OT Mindset is not the lest bit abated in the New Testament.  He Who wielded the Finger, engraving the OT Laws written in stone (God in Spirit) is the same Individual Who—having lived out a Life in the physical among men—laid down that Life in flesh to establish His New Covenant, written in His Blood.  This same Jesus, sir, being resurrected, ascended, reassigned, reaffirmed and re-established in His new role at the right hand of God the Father, now having all of the power, privilege and authority of God—albeit, while the Father and the Holy Spirit are Spirits in Being, He being a Man, Eternal Flesh and Bone—would have us not arrive at the Judgment ignorant of the fact that no practicing, unrepentant gay man or lesbian woman will ever enter into the Kingdom of our God.  That is, if you will not heed the call to a change of heart, to think differently about your gay inclinations, and to turn away there from (i.e., repent), then you need not expect to be among the saints bowing, and throwing crowns at the Feet of the One seated as Judge at the Bema celebration, and awards ceremony (albeit, you will bow!).  Rather, while He will not slay any homosexual out right today, Jesus Himself has given assurance that such wickedness and rebellion—together with all other forms of sin, rebellion and rejection of God—will be dealt with at the Great White Throne Judgment.  This will occur immediately following His Millennial Reign over a still Christ rejecting, but temporarily submissive and cantankerous mankind [(We the risen, resurrected saints, at His side!  How sad, is it not, that there are actually professing Christiansministers even—who do not believe that there will be such a Reign, or an after life, choosing rather to think that this life is all that there is!  Even more sad when there is mounting scientific evidence in support of the Word which says this world cannot possibly continue (consider what, some say, might be thought of as warning signs:  Greenhouse Effect; Global warning; Ozone depletion; El Ninio).  The more man utilizes and maximizes the potential of his environment, the greater the depletion of key components necessary for our safe survival here, or so it seems—in addition to his own prevailing, mounting and increasingly difficult to contain potential for self-annihilation; whether by commercial or military means.  One way or the other, this world will end.  All life on it will cease.  Even the “life hereafter” in hell, is terminal for all its guests  (demonic and human; all practicing, non-repentant homosexuals—male or female—and all heterosexuals; all “Christians” who chose the way of the world over God’s), nevertheless, all of these lives will continue forever, in the unquenchable Lake of Fire.)]     


The Solution:  Loathsome or Not, There is Hope


In light of the foregoing then, you can well understand, can you not Jacques, how your assertion that you both “know God and I love Him!” is ludicrous, at best, given that you obviously do not know Him, you definitely do not understand His Word and you do, like so many others, wantonly and randomly disregard same in deference for your own fleshly appetites, as at the same time you twist and distort other scriptures out of context, to make them fit your perverted, aids-infested, filthy desires/lifestyle (let me hasten to interject here that while you have not specifically stated that you are actively involved in any sexual relationship, with another man, or with other men, it is strongly inferred in one of your questions in your first e-mail.  For this reason, I have been going on the assumption that you are in fact intimate with men, as well as with your wife.).


You “…do not want this feelings!”, you say, my friend?  You want “…guidance…” over the “…confusion…” you now feel?  You insist that you “…love God…”?  Well, all I can say, or do is repeat what you doubtless already know:  insofar as you should realize by now that you really do not know Him, get to know Him, obey his call to repentance, accept His generous offer of forgiveness and, assuming there is at least some love lost between you and your wife, continue to love her and cherish her (and for Pete’s sake, for God’s sake!, consider well the consequences of living a dual life, and the possibility of destroying that of your wife and family—presupposing ya’ll, somehow, have kids—should you contract the HIV and AIDS viruses and pass those on to you family—the assumption here being that perhaps you haven’t already.  It could easily happen.  I remember reading in the papers some time ago, when I lived in the city of Chicago, IL, here in the US, about a very young family of three, all dying because of the AIDS virus.  While no mention was made as to how it was contracted, the possibility of sexual impropriety was definitely not ruled out.  So think, Jacques!  Give your family a chance.).  If indeed you do “love” the Lord, then submit to His authority and to His command:  repent!  While His love for you is no greater than it is for me or anyone else, and while gays of either genre are not some special hardship case requiring special treatment or handling along the road to salvation, the fact remains, Christ died for you just as He did for all non-gays.  Whatever demands have been placed upon us, He expects of you—no more, no less.  Remember the Lord Jesus’ admonition in Revelation 21:7, 8 & 27; 22:15, where three times—for stress, and to emphasize the urgency—He repeats a laundry list of the types of people who will not ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Among that listing of persons—a) who will be thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur, b) whose names will not appear on the Lambs Scroll of Life, and c) who will be denied access to the Tree of Life—is a group referred to variously as 1)the disgusting, detestable, abhorred ones”, those guilty of 2)making abomination” (a most likely reference to anything that garners and controls one’s appetites, attention, and affections on a level belonging only to God—including sexual perversion—more so than simply or strictly to gays), and, 3)dogs” (men ungodly to the point of extremity, having minds and habits dedicated to impurity & immorality to the lowest levels):  knowing well that the Jesus Christ of the New Testament is the God of the Old (and that, but for His physical condition now, He has not changed), one should have no trouble seeing in these designations those guilty of all manner of sexual perversions, including that of homosexuality and lesbianism.  To reiterate, you will not be allowed into the presence of God the Almighty, as such, having lived life unrepentantly, under either banner.  Paul the apostle cites a similar list in Romans 13:13, following which (:14) he urges his readers to submit themselves and their minds to the authority and control of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In another listing of the same sort (I Corinthians 6:9 & 10), this same Paul offers the reassurance that no unjust persons (unrighteousness) of any kind will ever be welcomed into the Kingdom of God, including the effeminate (culpable, reprehensibly “softmen having unseemly female characteristics and mannerisms) and the sodomite (openly homosexual:  men or women desiring and seeking out same sex partners and companionships, for sexual engagement).  Moreover, Paul is careful to note that some of them, the Corinthians, were formerly persons of this sort.  Therefore, where God and His Bible are concerned, there is nothing genetic or hereditary about the gay lifestyle.  All can repent.  Nothing less is expected of them, or, you.                                                                                                        




So, there you be, Jacques!  If “guidance” and a way out of your clouds of “confusion” are truly what you crave, then be assured, it “don’ git no better’n” the Word of the Living God.  Clearly, He did not make you homosexual, nor did He give you your thirst for other male sex companionships or, your gay tendencies.  Are gays bound for an eternity in hell fire and sulfur?  You bet they are—should they, in defiance of God, persist in that lifestyle, refusing to repent!  Can they be saved?  No doubt about it!  Just follow exactly the same protocol laid out for all of us who have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the God who Lives, and who really does Exist:  repent (have and exercise a change of heart; turn away from that lifestyle; God commands it of all men—Acts 17:30, 31), believe, put all your faith, trust and confidence on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be forgiven, and saved; washed from the stain of all your sin by His precious blood, shed on behalf of all mankind.  To as many as will exercise this faith, this trust, this confidence, to the same He will give the right to be called sons of God.  For, His love for all men is great and so strong, that He gave the only Son He ever had so that all who will believe in Him will not perish (in eternal hellish fire), as rather they will be rewarded with eternal life in Heaven in the presence of Almighty God, the Lamb of a Son, and all the holy angels (John 1:12, 29; 3:16).  We can all now be liberated from the condemnation to which the unbelieving world is already hopelessly consigned (John 16:17-19; Romans 8:1).  Being as God is not a respecter of persons, anyone believing (including homosexuals, as we just saw) in the Name of the Man from Galilee can and will be granted remission of his sins (Acts 10:34 & 43).  Trusting confidently in His Name for the forgiveness of all wrongs clears the way for justification (a declaration that one is now righteous in the Fathers Eyes) through faith from everything (including that of sexual perversity and homosexuality) from which he could not have been justified otherwise; not even by the Law of Moses.


I realize I have been a bit “long winded”, Jacques, but trust me, I am ordinarily “a man of few words”.  This, however, is a subject I thought to be of utmost importance—and I am certain, it is near and dear to the Heart of the Father—hence, in my estimation, it needed to be given thorough treatment.  Let me know if it is at all beneficial to you, will you?  Thanks.


In Service to Him Whose Blood bought remission of sins for all (including repentant gays/lesbians),


Alvin Mitchell