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Gays &
None created by God
Please note up front that God did not create you
homosexual.  You should therefore, be careful of
making accusation such that He gave you your desires
for other men.  God cannot Himself be tempted to do
evil, nor will He ever tempt any man to do evil or, to go
against the grain of His own word (James 1).   Rather,
as you know, God created the basis only for
monogamous, heterosexual, relations:  a man is to leave
his own father and mother and join with his wife (a
woman), so as to form what in God’s Eyes, amounts to
one complete human being, although they are in fact
two separate individuals.  The reason for this, I am sure
you realize, is because when God first created
mankind—Adam, the father of all humanity—He did so
by packing all the ingredients into one body.  That is,
this Adam appears to have had all the parts of a woman
in his own body, originally (including the DNA coding)
—i.e., everything necessary to bring about the human race was crammed within that one male, Adam (thus, as bizarre as it
sounds, it seems he was both male and female, simultaneously).  However, God decided that this should not be.  The two sides
should be separate (If this sounds like an after thought, it is not.  Remember, God planned and engineered all this before He ever
constructed the first particle, upon which He then built the entire universe.  Thus, this surreal route through Adam to get to, i.e.,
to create the woman was part of the game play from the very beginning).  Hence, during the deep slumber that was put upon
him, Jehovah removed that side or that part of him which was female, and a rib, and constructed the woman Eve.  Please note
two things:  1) God did not start from scratch, that is, He did not stoop down and pick up a fresh fist full of dirt, over which He
in a chant shouted “presto whipto” in order to fashion the helper fit for Adam, nor 2) did He ferret out of Adam, two different
versions of maleness (shall we say), to be unionized by sexual relationships; that is, He did not make a “buddy”, or another man
to fill the bill in recognition of or, in terms of what He knew Adam lacked (which is probably among the best of indicators that
men on men and female to female relationships are by no means kosher, in His Eyes—they are not normative, inasmuch as they
are not meant to be).  Rather, for and from the one man He created initially, He, with the parts He removed, created one woman
(made from him, and for him, to be different; not the same), following which creation He issued a declaration:  the union of these
two, a male and a female individual, is how the one original body I built will once again be realized as one flesh.  Please observe
that there was and is no alternative solution to God’s resolution to the relationship dilemma.  The companionship expectations,
sexual desires, of both were to be gratified by persons of the opposite sex.  God therefore created a situation such that a man’s
attraction and affection demands require satisfaction from a woman, and vice versa, a woman’s craving for affection and her
need for sexual gratification must be met by a man.  Consider Genesis 1:26-31; 2:19-25:  1) God created two similar, yet entirely
different individuals from one, 2) in bestowal of blessing, He issued an injunction to them—the male and the female—enjoining
that they should enjoy intimate interaction so that they could produce more like themselves (not so that they each could
subsequently have same-sex partners, but so that the reproductive process could continue until the earth was fully populated (a
feat obviously in no wise attainable through same sex unions); in so many words, their male/female actions and interactions were
to set the example or tone for all their offspring), 3) God observed and examined thoroughly everything that He had made and
determined that it was “very good” (in every sense of the word), just the way that everything was originally made—which of
course, includes male/female relationships.  
Gays and Lesbians:  Not
Created by God!
Homosexuality:  Dangerous
Living...One Curer!
Heaven: Gays Invited; None
The Solution:  Loathsome or
Not, There is Hope
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