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To any and every degree that the advent an American
President of African descent marks a historic milestone on
Capital Hill, to the same degree I’m ready to concede that
African-Americans have a lot for which to be thankful in
the presidency of Mr. Barak Obama.  In the face of
dangerous defense cuts, unflagging support for killing
babies, and now, his publicly flaunted embrace for the
equally dangerous, disease infested practice of the
homosexuals and their agendas, one wonders if maybe this
historic moment in the Oval Office might not be best
limited to one term!  Being a man of his stature and caliber,
his Christian profession in the face of an evident whopping
ignorance and/or disdain for all things Holy Writ (that don’t
fit within his apparent definition of ‘world-view’) provide
little basis for consolidation.  The man is oblivious to the
fact that God in His word is adamantly opposed to the
murder of the innocent unborn.  He is equally as much
insensitive to the Bible’s condemnation of the practice of
the gay lifestyle.  
With that in mind, this treatise was originally penned in answer to a plea for information and understanding sought by a married
family man living somewhere in South Africa.  Having stumbled upon one of our earlier websites, the man confided that while he
was indeed married, to a woman, by whom he had in fact fathered several offspring, he no less felt that he still had “feelings” for
inordinate interaction with men.  At that time, he had never succumb to those feelings, nor had he ever been sexually involved
with another male.  Nonetheless, in spite of his Christian profession, having been brought up in a supposed Christian home, and
notwithstanding a “professed” knowledge of the Bible, he could not resolve his issue, biblically.  Yet, in his estimation, “God gave
him those desires”!  Sound like American journalist, writer and TV personality, Anderson Cooper (the self-exposed, host of CNN
news show Anderson Cooper 360, recently “come out” as gay, invoking “God” as the Cause behind his ‘condition’)?  Was his
feeling, in fact, natural or, unnatural?  Were they biblical, or, unbiblical?  The following is a detailing of our handling of the matter,
in an volley of emails with the man, based upon the Word of God, common sense, and, to a degree, some knowledge of the
modern sciences.

The Problem

First and foremost, Mr. Kallides, in answer to your plea for help, I (or anyone else, for that matter) cannot possibly help you;
only God can, and He can only help you, however, as you are willing to submit to His Will and to obey.  It appears to me
(considering your background and knowledge of scripture,) you are not willing.  Instead you are reaching out to other men, who
in the final analysis, can only tell you what you appear to have heard already and, therefore (to a degree) know.  No Christian
teacher, minister, servant, or lay person of any understanding and discernment will ever attempt to do more or less than to help
you directly from and through the Word of the Living God, Yahweh (Jehovah) Elohim, Hayah (the God who is real!).  It is He
with whom you have to come to terms.  You cannot bypass or circumvent His Will as expressed in His written Word.

Nonetheless, forsake of putting together another article for our websites, which may in the end prove beneficial to someone else,
let us entertain these notions of yours.

First let’s list your claims and problems:

1)        you are a married man (I shall assume, to a woman), “…I believe I am gay.”
2)        You are attracted to men by nature
3)        You accuse of God creating you this way, and you wish to know why
4)        You are well aware of the biblical teaching that all such men ( and women) are an “abomination” in the Eyes of the
5)        You accuse God of giving you these desires for “men”, and you wonder why, if He sees you as abhorrent (and He does!)
6)        You were brought up in a “Christian” home (which has a certain way of not meaning a whole heck of a lot in today’s
terms), in South Africa
7)        You know and you love God
8)        You are confused and want guidance
9)        You do “…not want this feelings” (great!  That at least is a step in the right direction.)
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