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Alvin has distinguished himself as an enthusiastic writer, ready to tackle any topic, in honor of his God, His word and his Savior.  
He is a firm believer that—to be credible, viable witnesses for Christ, in today’s cultural environment—all Christians must be
name of Jesus Christ!).  “You cannot live, or, stand for, what you do not know,” he says.  His prayer is that multitudes will be
motivated, by his work, to heed the call, taking up the cross of Christ daily.   His conviction is that seekers who cannot and will
never find the object of their affections or theological aspirations through traditional means, will be bountifully blessed by his

Mr. Mitchell was a student Grand Canyon College, in Phoenix, AZ, until 1989.  There he majored in Bible.  He foresaw himself
serving God from the pulpit, some day.  

As a Christian, a lover of “God”, and of His word the Bible for over 35 years, his view of himself as one having any ‘writer’s’
potential took shape only in more recent times.  His debut grew out of a jotting down of interesting notes and compelling ideas.  
These might be solid building blocks upon which to craft sermons in the future, he thought.  After pondering the tenor and bent
of some of those initial notes, and, after previewing books and online materials he figured would be useful as resources for
research, Alvin was convinced that he could, indeed, write…a book, even!  “My understanding and grasp of the issues relating to
biblical theology”, he said within himself, somewhat astonished, “is as good or better, or, at least as much viable as that of some
of these ministers (some of them, having advanced degrees, and, the most respected names in ministry, at this hour).  For
continuing encouragement and motivation, His favorite and most inspiring Teacher—Prof. Holy Spirit of God—frequently
refreshes his mind with the account of the lowly, formally uneducated Jesus, standing before that erudite, otherwise arrogant
lawyer in Luke’s gospel, chap. 10, as well as the overly venerated scribes and feared Pharisees throughout the gospels.  Often
leaving them baffled and confused, his Savior and prime Mentor outshined them all; He outclassed them by His uncanny logic, by
His wit, and by His tenacious knowledge of the word and will of His Father.).”  

This, perhaps, humblest of beginnings was rooted primarily in thoughts surrounding the creation account in Genesis, chap.s 1 &
2.  It has since given way to occasions to write on a wide variety of Bible related topics.   

Alvin’s plan is to publish most of his work as part of a study series he calls “God’s Choreography of the End-times”.   Given that
the body of this study is rooted largely in Bible prophecy and, insofar as John says in the Revelation that Jesus is the focus of all
Bible prophecy, the series will include works on Jesus Christ, Bible apologetics and his comprehensive commentary on the Book
of the Revelation (this commentary is an attempt to fully integrate all of the other Old and New Testament prophecies having to
do with eschatology, showing how and where they fit into God’s overall scheme, of end-times things).  Unlike traditional
evangelical/fundamentalist rule and methods of interpretations, where what is not understood is simply ignored or discarded—
thus, so much by means of which God seeks to be lifted up and glorified in the eyes of unbelieving men is gutted—this hard-
hitting series leaves no stone unturned.  He also has plans for a publication of a study series of commentaries on the individual
themes of the Book of the Revelation, aimed primarily at those who may find the 450 (plus) pages of the full commentary too
much to attempt to digest at once.  The titles of those publications will be:  The Church of the End-times (Rev. 1-3), The Snatch
(Rev. 4-5), The Battle of Armageddon (Rev. 6-12, 14-16, 19), The Beast & The Great Whore (Rev. 13 & 17), America in Bible
Prophecy (Babylon the Great; Rev. 18), and,The Two Kingdoms (Rev. 20-22).

Free excerpts from ‘The Servant:  His Gospel at a Glance’, ‘The Morphing of God…’ and all the other works in ‘God’s
Choreography of the End-times’ can be found at  
Alvin Mitchell is and has been a long haul trucker for most of the
last 20 years.  A fervent, Bible believing Christian as well, his major
writing achievements include, ‘
The Servant:  His Gospel at a
’, ‘The Morphing of God:  Quantum Physics and the
Birth of Jesus Christ
’ (soon to be published on Barnes & Nobles’
“Nook”).  He also hopes to have more published as ebooks in the
near future.  Titles include,  ‘
Mahmoud’s Nightmare’ (a
commentary on Ezekiel 38 & 39), ‘
Demystifying God’s
’ (commentary on the Book of the Revelation).  His
apologetics studies include:  ‘
The Bible, the Bone Yards, and the
Genesis Flood
’, ‘A Bible Scoffer’s Delight’, ‘Gays, God, and
Good, Clean Sex
’.  His numerous articles include Jesus was a
Rich Man
, The Genealogy of Jesus Christ, and The Holy