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The Bible has, and will doubtless always have more than it fair share of enemies and antagonist.  They
stand ready to pounce, at a moment's notice, at or upon anyone even remotely able to argue in favor of the
Book of books.  Their most favored weapons or points of attack are science and history.  Nothing in either
genre', they claim--vociferously, with passion and zeal--has merit, when or if it comes from the Bible.  
Toward this end, they usually focus the brunt of their attacks on the miracles.  Actual science or real
history they leave unscathed!  Still they declare with solemn authority, the Bible cannot be believed in any
area of science or history because of its nature defying miracles.  Everything in it is fiction, they assert!  Is
it, really?

Have the modern sciences in truth proven the Bible to be false?  If so, how?  What claims do the Bible
make, that are in fact, scientific in nature?  
If science, history and the archaeological records coalesce
so as to confirm those claims, shouldn't that--based upon the skeptic's own rationale--lend
enormous credibility to its miracles

In this study, based upon the arguments of "
lay" skeptics, a "lay" Christian Bible teacher/preacher (a
"jack-leg" to some) will examine the facts.
Every Christian
has a spiritual responsibility
to submit to and to support
every effort to defend the word of God
in the face of criticism
from whatever the source
as well as to submit to training
as it relates to the Bible
that will equip him to witness effectively
and intelligently
when subjected to the withering
attacks of Bible skeptics.